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CoinPayments enables the TREZOR Connect authentication function

In a recent article we mentioned that the hardware manufacturer Bitcoin SatoshiLabs – the creators of the famous TREZOR portfolio – were enabling a new feature called TREZOR Connect. This move was made to take over the current access system like Google+, Facebook and Twitter that have been enabled on almost all sites. Since TREZOR Connect is a much safer solution, it was only a matter of time before the first platform started to integrate it.

CoinPayments enables "Log in with TREZOR."

With such a unique feature as TREZOR Connect – which will hopefully become an Internet standard sooner or later – it could prove to be a powerful tool to protect your financial wealth. And CoinPayments.net, a digital currency payment processor that supports over 30 different currencies – and Paypal – is the first platform to enable this feature.

TREZOR is not only a secure way to authenticate users, but is also a very convenient way for people who own one of the Bitcoin TREZOR hardware portfolios. And it takes very little effort to enable the function in your coinPayments account, since everything can be changed in the "Account Settings" screen.

Keep in mind that the "Log in with TREZOR" function will not replace the current standard login authentication form based on a username and password. If you are a Coinpayments user, you will be able to use both systems, but the user login and password will not disappear soon.

If this feature proves to be a success – which will most likely be, to have been thoroughly tested by the developers and the SatoshiLabs community – we hope to see similar access services opening up on the Internet. Although most of the services and platforms that use the "Log in with TREZOR" option are related to Bitcoin, this could be another way to boost Bitcoin's awareness in the long run.

The next step towards a better security of the Bitcoin platform

In recent months it has become quite clear that even if Bitcoin technology is advanced and the game changes in more than one way, the platforms that use Bitcoin technology are all but safe. This is also due to the fact that Bitcoin platforms and services become a high value target for hackers and fanatics.

However, as companies and community members continue to develop new security measures that are much safer than a user / password combination, or even two-factor authentication, security flaws will become less important. And as soon as other companies and platforms will notice the benefits of a Bitcoin-enabled authentication system – which is freely available to anyone interested – hopefully they will start to integrate it.

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