CoinPayments Crypto Merchant Processor adds Noah currency to the asset trading list

  CoinPayments includes Noah's currency in the Crypto Asset's trading list

CoinPayments includes Noah's currency in the Crypto Asset's trading list

Recently, the Noah Project team announced that Noah's currency will be listed on CoinPayments the world's leading processing platform. After this addition, Noah's Money will be listed on 7 different encryption platforms, having been added to six others in the early stages of 2018. From the Noah Project team's point of view, the listing on an important exchange as CoinPayments means that the project is on track to achieve its goals, which is to become a computational force both in Asia and on a global scale.

Since its creation five years ago, CoinPayments has experienced tremendous growth. It is the pioneering cryptographic exchange in the world that accepts payments in digital currencies. Currently, it is the most active trading platform, with its portfolio of over 800 digital resources, over 2 million sellers and a presence in 182 different countries. In addition, other CoinPayments services include a digital wallet, fast digital asset conversion, ICO project lists and e-commerce shopping cart plug-ins and payment solutions with an assortment of merchant tools.

In the course of its existence, CoinPayments has always worked hard to actualize its goal of being the main processor of cryptocurrency payments in the world. In this regard, the company emphasizes the provision of first-rate, reliable and accessible solutions. For example, their only security mechanism is reinforced by a cold hardware portfolio, multi-signature verification and confirmation via e-mail.

According to the Noah Project team, the listing on CoinPayments provides a gateway to access the global market, a factor that enhances the value of money in the cryptocurrency market. From now on, the effects of listing are obvious, as the currency is more accessible and has since been integrated into several commercial stores as an acceptable means of payment.

Lately, things are going well for the Noah project. Last month, the platform was released on Sky News Business, one of the most popular TV channels in Australia. In a show broadcast on Apple TV and on the Wall Street Journal website, the Noah Project team was invited as a guest. The first episode of the show can be downloaded or streamed from the official website of the company.

About The Noah Project

The main goal of the Noah project is to provide an infrastructure to the avant-garde investors for trading without interruption of digital assets. Essentially, this platform aims to bring together customers, merchants and traders in a complete ecosystem that includes all the necessary trading tools.

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