CoinPayments adds TRX Coin while Tron gains exposure to 2.2 million e-commerce companies

  CoinPayments lists TRX, more exposure for TRX on e-commerce platforms

CoinPayments lists TRX, more exposure for TRX on e-commerce platforms

Payment gateway and supporter of more altcoins, CoinPayments announced on Thursday 23 August 2018, that the token Tron, TRX, is now listed on its platform. This is a good news for cryptocurrency, as the CoinPayments platform brings together over 2.2 million businesses that accept digital resources as a means of payment.

Tron is widely known for his goal of decentralizing the web. From the beginning of 2018, its CEO, Justin Sun, together with the respective team, brought innovative ideas and established numerous partnerships to help expand the Tron ecosystem.

As of now, Tron's milestones range from the launch of Virtual Machine, BitTorrent Acquisition, support its gain on over 60 major cryptocurrency exchanges (ie Binance, Bitfinex, BITBOX, etc.) Up to a potential project in process, TronChat.

Although it is clear that Tron is not late it is about finding ways to improve the respective blockchain, the adoption by users continues to remain a problem. However, this could change, given the increased exposure of CoinPayments to a large network of e-commerce giants.

From the Twitter post made above, many members of the Tron community and supporters have expressed enthusiasm for what is to come for TRX. In particular, some of the tweets were as follows:

Stianps @theprytz: "So many places to buy $ trx.When the market will become bullish it will be glorious!"

Crypto Ronny @ ron19991: "At the f ** king moon !! "

Rodrigo Braga @ BraganzaX:" I hope this continuous growth, so in [future] there would be no need to be turned into fiat money "

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