distances itself from Coingeeks' Crypto Mining platforms, calls Site a Scam

[ad_1] Distant Himself from Coingeeks, calls him a scam Distant Himself from Coingeeks, calls him a scam

Coingeeks, a company that offers digital currency colonization services to miners around the world is a fraudulent scheme. According to their Twitter account, the company aims to be a managed colocation provider that owns a large encryption facility, which measures 100,000 square meters. However, the Coingeeks website was closed at the beginning of September.

In the BitcoinTalk online forum, the company claimed to partner with WebNX, a US-based web hosting company. In this case, Coingeeks claimed that the aforementioned 100,000 square foot facility was powered by a 3MW power plant. The company also added that it was working on the development of additional mining facilities. The current facility is located in Utah and can accommodate a large number of miners. In addition, it is served by 17 network providers, using a variety of redundancy paths.

However, the online behavior of the company has raised concerns among community members. In addition to covering the faces of their team, the company refused to verify their identity. Furthermore, no one has ever seen the mining structure allegedly managed by Coingeeks. Upon request, the company replied that it can not allow visitors to the Utah-based facility, citing insurance as a reason. This has further increased the doubts of the company. Reduce the darkness of the faces of team members, Coingeeks he claimed that they want to remain anonymous.

Apparently, the Coingeeks platform wants to be considered an affiliation to, a new cryptocurrency platform. However, the latter unequivocally distanced itself from Coingeeks, labeling it as a scam. Unlike Coingeeks, does not sell hashing energy, nor does it offer colocation services for mining hardware. has confirmed that it will report Coingeeks' domain and social media accounts for imitation.

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