Coincast TV Episode 12 – Stage two of the Ethereum network


The week in Blockchain

The sovereign fund of Singapore, Vertex Ventures, has announced that it will invest in the world's largest cryptographic fund, Binance. The two are working to bring a fiat to encrypt the exchange in Southeast Asia.

Power Ledger won a global technology competition run by Sir Richard Branson. At the Western Australian startup an investment will be offered by the CEO of Virgin Airlines to give life to their blockchain-based idea.

After the collapse of Tether last week, the stable Gemini currency, supported by Winklevoss, rose above the $ 1.00 mark.

Phase two of the Ethereum network

Last week was a big week for blockchain in Sydney with the ConsenSys event. Coincast spoke with the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder and CEO of ConsenSys, Joe Lubin.

ConsenSys is working on a wide range of open platforms based on protocols, very similar to those existing on the Ethereum network. From the music industry to the supply of chains, ConsenSys offers a space for blockchain projects to come to life.

Lubin also talked about some interesting news coming to ConsenSys. Including the new Civil journalism platform, ConsenSys hopes to restore confidence in the news sector.

"If we govern with these new decentralized mechanisms, we need good information," explains Lubin. Through these initiatives, ConseSys is demonstrating how the blockchain can be integrated into a wider society.

While Ethereum enters "phase two of its existence", Lubin predicts that the network will begin to impact consumers within the next year.

The rise and fall of the stable currency

In the ranking of the 100 most influential best economists in the UK, Coincast spoke with Dr. Garrick Hileman. His research into crypto-space and digital currencies has recently focused on stable currencies.

Looking for stable, encrypted and algorithmic coins, the dott. Hileman found that these digital currencies are proving popular among investors. This is above all the one supported by assets such as USD, which Dr Hileman believes offers more confidence.

"Over $ 350 million in risk capital has been collected from stable, asset-backed currencies, and people are putting capital behind safer, more tested, and more stable approaches," explained Hileman.

In light of the collapse of the Tether last week, Dr. Hileman predicts that most of the funds emptied from the currency have instead gone into currencies like Bitcoin.

All Eyes on Dubai

The leaders of the encryption and blockchain have gathered from all over the world to meet in Dubai for the World Blockchain Summit.

Hosting government leaders, developers and investors, the conference focused on corporate and government applications for blockchain technology.

Coincast spoke with Tony Tran about Alfra-Enzo, who underlined how the blockchain should become accessible to the mainstream. On a mission to get blockchain for "resonance" with the audience, Tran is trying to tackle this problem head on.

Dubai is already implementing blockchain in its financial and healthcare sectors. With plans to establish the world's first blockchain court, Dubai has big plans to bring technology to the mainstream.

The summit will end the year in Amsterdam before its final destination in Saudi Arabia.

Blockchain phones are dialing

With the first phonecall blockchain that occurred only a few weeks ago, many are now preparing for blockchain phones. Although Pundi X seems the natural leader, CEO Zac Cheah explains that the company will not release its phone.

"Our ultimate goal is to let other manufacturers make the phone," says Cheah. Their ecosystem f (x) will support those companies that intend to release blockchain phones.

So who will answer the call of the phone blockchain? One of the biggest contenders is the Exodus 1 phone, pioneer of the HTC technology giant. Among other features, the phone with blockchain will have an integrated resource management software for cryptocurrency.

The only outlet? Exodus 1 can only be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is a way to stimulate traditional cryptor adoption.

Also the harmony with the call is SIRIN Labs. Their blockchain smartphone, Finney, will allow users to access a dApps store, include their own SIRIN token and will also have integrated cold storage.

Hello home loans for 5 days

Nominated as one of Australia's 100 most influential women, Ruth Hatherley is creating waves with her new adventure. Moneycatcha's Homechain offers home loan customers in as little as 5 days.

Impossible, right? Homechain is doing just that by integrating the usually fragmented application process through the blockchain.

"Traditionally, home loans require an average of 42 days," explains Hatherley. And through Homechain, customers can also expect to receive more security through the blockchain.

With HSBC already on board, Homechain is excited to start operating on the Australian market very soon.

The homechain is just one example of how the blockchain is reinventing our financial sector. Hatherely expects that "compliance and risk management" are the two areas in which blockchain will really make its mark in the coming years.

Projects to watch

The encrypted startup dYdX is making headlines this week after raising $ 10 million in investments. The company is developing financial software to cut off the third part of the money loan, to create decentralized exchanges.

Also capture the Salus resizing tool. An instrument created by Coinbase, Salus hopes to inject greater security into digital software.

The start of BRAIN is using artificial intelligence to promote blockchain startups. Specializing in artificial intelligence, internet, drone and blockchain, BRAIN is supporting others in the blockchain scene.

The week ahead

The New York Bakkt stock exchange platform is ready to be published in December. It will be the first encrypted offer of the exchange.

In the conference world, many are waiting in advance for Malta's Blockchain Hackathon starting this week. From October 31st to November 2nd, the summit will include new technological developments, marketing and regulations on the agenda.

Next time

This is all for Coincast TV this season. Tune in next season to learn about the latest cryptocurrency news, blockchain updates and fintech events at Coincast TV.

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