CoinBundle opens investment products in bundled cryptocurrency to buy more coins against single tokens

  CoinBundle opens bundled cryptocurrency investment products to buy more coins against single tokens

Cryptocurrency investments gradually move to the next level after much attention since crypto-graph markets reorganized in the fourth quarter of 2017. CoinBundle, one of the participants in today's cryptic market arena, has simplified investor-encrypted investment options by launching a network where users can purchase bundled digital resources This will enable investors to to satisfy what is inside of their capacities and desires of their investment portfolio, which will be in the custody of a custodian who will have to be qualified, moreover the funds will be covered by insurance by Lloyds of London. [19659003] CoinBundle has attracted potential funding from popular encryption investors such as Initialized Capital and Funders Club & Y Combinato r. Others include Joe Montana Liquid 2 and Switch VC. It is interesting to note that some of the aforementioned entities have been actively involved in cryptocurrency by investing in the famous CoinBase exchange.

The Initialized Capital CEO, Gary Tan, had some comments on the CoinBundle product,

"CoinBundle is building a ramp for people in emerging markets to invest in bundles of tokens that match their profiles of They are preparing a way for the cryptocurrency infrastructure accessible to the next billion users. "

CoinBundle's vision is to integrate more people with cryptographic coins while the blockchain takes over. It targets more than 1 billion potential markets that may be interested in diversifying their portfolio with digital currencies. In addition to this, CoinBundle aims to introduce Exchange Traded funds for digital assets like Bitcoin with a fair network ecosystem.

In the pioneering phase, participants are able to acquire three packages from this platform. These were well structured by CoinBundle's financial experts supported by quantitative and qualitative research facts. The three packages are currently; Emerging (EME10), Aggressive (AGR10) & Conservative (CNS2). Clearly, the different risk attitudes were well represented by the packages. There are also additional thematic bundles such as Halal and Eco-friendly that are still WIP but are ready to complete the final tests for the short release

The CoinBundle development team intends to improve its interface and integrate multiple devices to make the easiest to use platform. They are designed to implement compatible Android and iOS applications that facilitate their investment services within the cryptographic space. Users will be able to enter the desired orders and run them comfortably from their devices. The platform will also create a market for the sale of content by influencers and investors for commissions.

The CoinBundle team is quite strong and offers good fundamental perspectives to the project. The company's Board of Advisors has recently been expanded to add Katherine Hensel, a global leader in global finance. Katherine's experience in the financial markets saw her manage a $ 1 billion hedge fund as "Managing Asset Management". In addition, he worked as Chief Investment Officer in a pair of financial intermediaries.

On the CoinBundle board with Katherine c & # 39; is Michael Sinclair (executive director of Harvard's ministerial leadership program) and joins Sir Michael Barber (formerly Head of McKinsey and Company's Education Practice, Chief Education Advisor of Pearson).

Other strategic partners of the CoinBundle project are other decentralized and tokenisation projects that share the same vision. It is mainly about integrating citizens of the world with the new Web 3.0 gadgets through the CoinBundle award network. CoinBundle is optimistic that even the developing markets will soon resume the trend of the digital currency, and will therefore reduce the target market for the company.

In addition, the CoinBundle team talks with some government entities to integrate their services. At the moment, the team is focused on adding the pioneering ETF to a national exchange. CoinBundle's activities are currently licensed in the Philippines, where they offer coin-trading services in competition with other networks within this jurisdiction.

CoinBundle's CEO, Saad Rizvi has simplified the whole project idea in some statements,

"CoinBundle is enabling the next billion users of emerging markets to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution and in Web 3.0. We are reaching this mission by creating the simplest access ramp for new investors to participate in these technologies, educating them on encryption through our award-winning resources and allowing them to earn and use their first tokens in exchange for their time through our platform BundleRewards.

CoinBundle in detail

The CoinBundle project is simply a cryptographic network that seeks to increase the investment in cryptocurrency and to add more people to Web 3.0 technology, through the services of CoinBundle, crypt investors interested parties will have ample time during the selection of their investment baskets in cri ptovaluta. Therefore, they will be able to minimize the risk despite the volatile nature of the coins. Cryptocurrency users can also get rewards using the BundleRewards network.

This company also deals with the provision of information to help new market players navigate the cryptocurrency sector. One of the best rated platforms is the CoinBundle blog, which enjoys worldwide recognition among crypto players. The presence of the support of the key Silicon Valley figures is undeniably good for this project.

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