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Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrent exchanges in the United States, has introduced support for XRP as a function of their custody service. The addition of the token was originally announced by Coinbase in October, in light of the current support for the sale of tokens by commercial operators.

Compared to the unregulated landscape of most digital currencies, Coinbase Custody includes a guarantee layer for large capital investors. Rather than targeting specific customers or a user base as a whole, Coinbase's custody is prepared for hedge funds and institutional investors with millions of assets, providing the easy-to-use secure platform for storing and financing cryptocurrency especially as fresh faces for The industry Fully understand the concept of private keys and cold wallet. In addition to the benefits of enhanced financial security, Coinbase Custody "It offers investors an insurance coverage on their archived assets that now extends to XRP, even though the currency is not quoted directly on the exchange."

During the last week, we saw the markets collapse, climb and then last day, again crashing that sent Bitcoin under the key resistance level of $ 5,000. Not only that, but XRP has taken over Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency in space and there is even talk of XRP that took over Bitcoin by the end of the week as main cryptocurrency. The currency is down from its historical high of $ 3.80 at the start of the year. Strangely enough, this is due to an appreciation created through the anticipation by investors of the token that is listed on Coinbase, XRP and Ripple who are always making regular headlines for the adoption of buildings during this quest. ;year. As reported by EWN, "XRP has so far embodyed the paradox of cryptocurrency growth, that the development and new take-up of blockchain and crypts have continued to grow exponentially despite falling prices."

As mentioned by Ethereum World News:

"With the proverbial bloodbath that is occurring in the market capitalization of cryptocurrency, a long-awaited combination of Coinbase and XRP could be the right combination to reignite interest. to be hesitant about any association between XRP and Coinbase, particularly after the currency has increased and collapsed after the listing entries in January 2018, the addition to the Coinbase Custody program is a small indication that there may be interest among the two parts ".

It was in July that Coinbase announced the possibility of adding five new currencies to the exchange, with XRP Stellar XLM's main competitor listed in first place. Nevertheless, Stellar has no relation to the exchange in any context outside of that first revelation.

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