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Coinbase Wallet adds support for Ethereum Classic and Other than 100k Other ERC20 tokens

Photo: the Coinbase blog

Photo: the Coinbase blog

With more and more digital resources increasing crypto-exchange offers, Coinbase has every chance of beating its competitors at the end, gaining a rigid domain over the sector.

Today the ambitious exchange indulges in a wide range of enthusiasts adopted with a further portion of good news. After three months from the inclusion in the list, Coinbase Wallet adds support for Ethereum Classic (ETC).

ETC portfolio expansion

Ethereum Classic has a market capitalization of $ 533 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $ 230 million. It is currently trading at $ 5.02, with a circulating offering of 106.343,805 ETC, according to CoinMarketCap.

In the official blog post, Coinbase Wallet developers welcome the exchange community with an upcoming update that will allow portfolio owners to archive, send and receive Ethereum Classic (ETC) and the rest of the ERC20 tokens, which exist in the Ethereum blockchain.

However, users need to wait a couple of days for promising features to be implemented, as an upgrade must be completed before the portfolio begins to support ETC archiving.

In particular, for existing Coinbase Wallet users the ETC address will not be different from their current Ethereum (ETH) address, therefore any ETC sent to the ETH address of Coinbase Wallet in the past will be displayed after the & # 39; update.

Continuous dissemination of the Coinbase platform

It seems that Coinbase is truly devoted to the promise made to its global community. The exchange is gradually expanding offers with new digital coins.

Earlier this month, Coinspeaker reported that Coinbase had started marketing the Basic Attention Token (BAT) on its platform, however as it was recently revealed both Android and iOS apps were excluded from coverage BAT. The decision followed the announcement of Coinbase on the support of the natxt native token wallet (INXT).

However, not everyone can reap the benefits of Coinbase's crypto-exchange as the platform has declared limited coin availability for New York residents and for UK traders.

According to Coinbase, these jurisdictions will be blocked by the BAT and 0x trading on the platform. The same fate awaits the recently added ZRX coin. The statement revealed that Coinbase allows trade in ZRX in most jurisdictions, but will initially not be available to residents of the United Kingdom or New York state.

Operating in full compliance with US law, Coinbase's offers only list the tokens that SEC has proven to be neither assets nor securities. This is why such a promising XRP token has not been added to the exchange so far.

Previously Coinspeaker has speculated on the potential additions of Coinbase. We have also composed the list of the first 5 digital coins that will probably be added to Coinbase, focusing on Cardano, Stellar and Zcash.

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