Coinbase starts taking Ethereum Classic Deposits, raises the Buy Limit to $ 25,000


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It has been a difficult week for most cryptocurrency investors, as the pioneering news that the biggest stock exchange operator in the world is launching a bitcoin market has failed to translate into price movements bullish. For proponents of classic ethereum, however, the week could not have been much better.

Coinbase Pro starts taking deposits from Ethereum Classic

Over the past two days, ethereum classico has been listed on two of the most important cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Yesterday, as reported by CCN, ethereum classic became the sixth cryptocurrency listed in the stock trading app Robinhood, whose encryption service is now available in 19 US states.

Today, the ethereum classic has marked another milestone, as the industry giant Coinbase has started accepting ETC deposits on Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX), its exchange of cryptocurrency orders, with trading both with USD and with other criptoassets scheduled to start later in the week.

The Ethereum classic is not yet available through the company's eponymous brokerage service, although it will presumably be listed when the market stabilizes on Coinbase Pro.

The two announcements have stimulated a significant rise in ETC prices. In the last week, the ethereum classic rose more than 11 percent over the US dollar, making it not only the top performer among coins with a market capitalization of over $ 1 billion, but also unique cryptocurrency with large capitalization to see a positive share price during this period.

Currently, the classic of ethereum is trading at a global average of $ 18.59, which provides him with a market capitalization of $ 1.9 billion and the ranking as the twelfth cryptocurrency.

Coinbase increases the daily purchase limit, Nixes 5-Day Waiting Period

Also on Tuesday, Coinbase has made several improvements to its brokerage platform. First, the company increased the default daily purchase limits for Coinbase users to $ 25,000, a seven-fold increase from the previous high and eliminated the limits of buying and selling for wire transfers.

Perhaps even more significant, Coinbase will now allow users to start to negotiate cryptocurrency immediately after a purchase. Previously, users had to wait for the balance of the bank transfer before receiving their funds, a process that could take up to five business days. Now, users will be able to immediately exchange those funds, even if they will not be able to transfer them to an external portfolio until the bank transfer is canceled.

This latest update is particularly notable as it brings Coinbase's settlement policy in line with that of its major cryptocurrency brokerage competitors – Robinhood, Circle Invest and Square & # 39; s Cash App – all of which bring available funds for trading immediately after purchase.

The president of Coinbase and COO Asiff Hirji praised the move, calling it a "significant improvement" for the company's clients

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