Coin (O) (CNO) Criptocurrency MarketCap reaches $ 107.511 as price hits $ 0.00102


Coin (O) (NOC) rose 3.04% against the US dollar during the last day of the day ending at 6:45 am on 2 September EST. Coin (O) currently has a market cap of $ 107.511 and its 24-hour volume is about $ 10. In the 7 day period, Coin (O) is 17.14% compared to the US dollar with a movement of -0.08% over the last 60 minutes.

Let's take a look at how similar cryptocurrencies took place on the last day: [19659003] OctoCoin (888) is currently at $ 0.00 against the dollar, a 21.23 percent change in the last 24 hours. The cost of Bitcoin for 888 is currently 0.00000020 BTC.

  • Starta (STA) is currently at $ 0.34 against the dollar, -4.69% variation in the last 24 hours. The cost of Bitcoin for STA is currently 0.00004618 BTC.
  • Information on Coin (O)

    Currency (O) has a maximum reserve of exactly 105,362,401 coins. It was launched on 17 January 2014. states that: "Coino is a Cryptocurrency Proof of Work based on the Scrypt algorithm."

    The following are some useful links in case you want to get more Coin (O):

    NOC: Trading Info

    Day traders can buy NOCs in exchanges including Cryptopia, Novaexchange,

    It is not always possible to purchase encrypted ones like Coin (O) using US dollars directly. Investors wishing to obtain the NOC may need to first obtain BTC or Ethereum using a marketplace with USD currency pairs including Coinbase or perhaps GDAX. Traders could then use this Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase Coin (O) using one of the exchanges indicated above.

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