Co-founder of Wikipedia, IBM's blockchain leader to talk to Cleveland's blockchain conference: Building Blockland

Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia
Joseph Lubin, founder of Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and co-founder of Ethereum

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland blockchain conference it will include keynote notes from the leaders of the IBM technology giant, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger and co-founder of the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.

The conference, dubbed "Solutions", will be held at the Huntington Convention Center. The county, in support of the conference, will allow the organizers to use the space for free, rather than the $ 95,000 rental on the market.

Destination Cleveland will be the principal director of the conference, which stemmed from the "Blockland" effort to make Cleveland a center for innovation and the adoption of blockchain technology. The regional collaboration is led by the car magnate Bernie Moreno.

Moreno hopes to make Cleveland an epicenter for blockchain, an online accounting system known to house Bitcoin and other online currencies. The conference will focus on applications such as government documents and business.

David Gilbert, the president of Destination Cleveland, has been involved with Blockland since the beginning. He flew with Moreno and seven other Cleveland leaders in Toronto, Canada, in June to learn more from the researchers at the Blockchain Research Institute.

A crucial point of the conference, set for December, was taking speakers. There was not much time to do it; Blockland's effort began only a few months ago and the conference plans only solidified last month.

But it seems that the organizers of Blockland have been successful. Speakers include:

  • Jerry Cuomo, vice president of IBM Blockchain Technologies
  • Jason Kelley, general manager of IBM Blockchain Solutions
  • Joseph Lubin, founder of Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and co-founder of Ethereum. Etherum is one of the main cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technologies.
  • Will McDonough, founder and CEO of iCash, a new cryptocurrency and blockchain application
  • Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia
  • Alex Tapscott, a co-author of Blockchain Revolution and co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute [19659013] Author Jeremy Gutsche, New York Times bestseller author

Today the organizers of Blockland have also announced a new partnership, unpublished with the Blockchain Research Institute, which will allow companies and non-profit organizations to Northeast Ohio to access the blockchain search for free.

This access, which costs $ 150,000 annually, is funded by JumpStart, the Greater Greater Partnership and the Unify project.

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