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Co-founder of the main cryptocurrency, Ethereum-Joseph Lubin considers the cryptobottom of 2018

Co-founder of the largest digital currency Ethereum – Joseph Lubin announced in a recent tweet that he is calling the cryptographic fund of 2018.

As indicated by Joseph, the cryptographic market base is separated by an epic measure of fear, vulnerability and uncertainty, "explicitly from the media industry and social analysts, to whom he refers to" our fourth and cryptic comrades. fifth properties.

Proceeding in a thread on Twitter, the initiator of the software company Ethenum, centered on the blockchain ConsenSys, apparently tended to its organizations recently and revealed large redundancies:
"ConsenSys remains solid and participates in a rebalancing of needs and practices started about nine months ago".

He expressed that ConsenSys continues to put resources into projects, in its work as a blockchain technology incubator and investment company, and enlisting for internal projects that remain central to our forward-looking business.

In a similar tweet, Lubin complained that an epic amount of preventive recruitment and obsession with regard to circumstances where writers and bloggers lack authentic information, the true vision of our understanding.

As he finished, Lubin emphasized his good faith about the fate of ConsenSys and Ethereum, expressing:

"The sky is not falling in. From my point of view the future looks beautiful, and in 2019, and if I could see the scene through my eyes, you would need to wear shades."

This week's reports have emerged with reference to informed sources of the fact that ConsenSys is revealing new companies that it has recently sponsored, some of which without the support of investment. The sources announced that the number of representatives to be fired could be between 50 and 60 percent of the 1,200 individual workers of ConsenSys.

Last week, a cryptocurrency news website revealed that, in contrast to the increasingly important job cuts in several companies around the world, the current digital decline
the currency markets and the guarantee of job cuts in related organizations seem relatively benign.

In September, Etereum's first major supporter, Vitalik Buterin, said that there is no way that encrypted money and blockchain space will see more than 1,000 times the increase in the coming year.

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