CNN and Politico: Pentagon Concerns: Trump Installes Increasingly Loyal People in Key Positions – International


US President Donald Trump has replaced a number of key defense officials with people deemed loyal to him, raising concerns among Pentagon officials. Military sources told CNN that “these are dictatorial movements,” Mediafax allegedly said.

Since Donald Trump fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Monday, three other Department of Defense officials have either resigned or been fired. James Anderson, the undersecretary of defense for politics, resigned from the White House on Tuesday, Politico reports.

Anderson was replaced by a retired Brigadier General. Gender. Anthony Tata, a Trump ally and a regular host of Fox News, made several false and Islamophobic statements about former President Barack Obama in tweets uncovered by CNN, calling him a Muslim and a “terrorist leader” who “normalized Islam for America”.

Joseph Kernan, Undersecretary of Defense for Information, and Jen Stewart, Esper’s chief of staff, have left their posts and have been replaced by Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Kash Patel.

Both Cohen-Watnick and Patel are considered extremely loyal to the incumbent president, the Associated Press reported.

There seems to be growing concern in the Pentagon that the wave of staffing changes may have just begun and that Trump’s decisions may become more volatile.

“It’s scary. It’s very worrying,” a defense official told CNN, adding, “These are dictatorial moves.”

Officials told the Washington Post that Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist could be the next to be fired.

Representative Adam Smith, chairman of the House Armed Services Commission, said Tuesday the layoffs should “alarm” the American public.

Smith added that if this is the beginning of a series of layoffs of defense professionals and their replacement by loyal, but inexperienced people – “then the next 70 days will have to be treated with caution at best and can become dangerous. just in the worst case. ”


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