Clumsy? The seller loses the mega deal


Horst Lichter and the “Bares for Rares XXL” expert at Drachenburg Castle are delighted with a delightful treasure. But the unique “splendid specimen” makes retailers hesitate.

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“Ui, Alfred you brought a very nice vase with you. I guess there might have been some perfume in there,” he says. Horst lights to welcome Alfred Fischer, qualified sociologist from Stuttgart, with whom he spoke in the evening show “Cash for rare XXL “welcomes you to Drachenburg Castle.

The “Old Swede” salesman amazes the lights

"Cash for Rares XXL": In the evening show, a special object aroused enthusiasm.  (Source: ZDF Screenshot)“Bares for Rares XXL”: in the evening show, a special object aroused enthusiasm. (Source: ZDF Screenshot)

Cash for Rares (Source: ZDF / Frank Dicks)

“As far as I know, this is a perfume bottle from the first half of the 19th century by the famous goldsmith Froment-Meurice, which is also on display in the Louvre,” replies the 52-year-old. “But now you’re putting one here – great,” replies Lichter, who would like to clarify two things in advance. “Point one: where did you get this beautiful bottle from? Point two – and very, very rarely ask in advance: what do you want?”

“I inherited it from an heir and would like to have 4,000 euros for it,” says Fischer. “Ui, now I’m glad to have such a desk here and to sit still. 4,000 euros – Alfred, you’re a good guy, I like you, but old Swede!”, Lichter exclaims at this desired price and leaves the jewelry expert Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel the word.

The expert is thrilled

“This is a bottle with a stopper. The whole bottle is not glass, but rock crystal, which has been cut into the shape of a natural crystal tip.” The lid is also something very special. “This is an assemblage of silver chiseled in the manner of a fine grained fish skin and on it is a beautiful polished garnet cabochon – truly the 19th century carbon stone.”

Information: Karfunkelstein is an ancient name for red gems.

The expert is also enthusiastic about the symbolism on the bottle: “We made silver pigeons and on top of them a Cupid, the companion of the goddess Venus. Little Cupid is unarmed, he has already thrown his arrows of love and looks with curiosity the turtledove. That means, love is already on. “This strong symbolism not only turns the bottle into a gift of love for any relationship, but rather a gift from a man to a woman with whom he would like to spend the whole his life.

Unexpectedly high level of competence

"Cash for Rares XXL": The bottle dates back to the 19th century.  (Source: ZDF Screenshot)“Bares for Rares XXL”: The bottle dates back to the 19th century. (Source: ZDF Screenshot)

“It could be a gift from a proposal and was not commissioned by anyone except Francois-Désiré Froment-Meurice, a Paris goldsmith in 1845/1850,” says Rezepa-Zabel. Furthermore, the original bottle box is still preserved. “The bottle itself is not stamped – but where should you print it without altering the visual language?” Asks the expert, who also refers to the legendary reputation of the goldsmith.

“We have a rare and excellent piece here, a truly splendid piece”, he enthuses and adds: “We are far from the desired price. I would like and have to estimate the piece between 13,000 and 14,000 euros”. At first Fischer is speechless and happily accepts the dealer’s card from Lichter. As the vendor is on his way to the castle, Lichter compliments Rezepa-Zabel: “It would be a bottle worthy of you, for the perfume that has yet to be invented for you.”

Traders are reluctant to bid

The merchants of the castle are very impressed with the rarity. “This is really strong as a bear,” says antique dealer Walter Lehnertz. Jewelry expert Susanne Steiger admits: “I have to honestly say that so far I have only seen such a wonderful work in a museum. I have never been allowed to hold it in my hands and I have been truly enlightened.” And even Dr. Elisabeth “Lisa” Nüdling, councilor for diamonds, is enthusiastic: “Hardly anyone can do something like this anymore.”

However, Lehnertz starts with an offer of only 280 euros. The other dealers quickly offer more, but at the offer of 2,800 euros from Nüdling, Fischer intervenes and names the relevant price. Dealers weren’t expecting this. Steiger immediately asks: “And what did you imagine?”. The sociologist, a graduate, replies a bit awkwardly: “Well, originally much less. But I think we should be in the five figures.”

After this honest answer, the offers go up to € 5,100. “It bothers me that it is not stamped, otherwise I would give the € 10,000,” says Steiger. Nüdling is still offering € 6,000. However, Fischer is not satisfied with this. “It’s really very high quality and very exquisite, but I have to ask for your indulgence because I’m just a little hesitant. There aren’t many pieces to compare and that’s why I want to be a little careful,” she explains her offer.

Finally the two agree on 7,000 euros. By doing this, however, Fischer only reaches half the price of the experience and therefore is likely missing out on a mega deal. However, he is satisfied, because his desired price has been exceeded. “The dealers were unfamiliar with this property and found it a little difficult to find the price, which I understand. I think we got a fair price.”


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