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Cleantech Blockchain Initiatives (Extract of the blockchain report)


Published on December 9, 2018 |
by Michael Barnard

December 9, 2018 of Michael Barnard

Along with our normal daily coverage for clean technology news, CleanTechnica it also produces in-depth reports on various aspects of clean energy and clean transport. One of the emerging technologies we cover is not directly a clean technological innovation is blockchain, which promises to be a catalyst for innovation in the green economy in the near future. Blockchain is probably best known to the public as "having something to do with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, right?", Which is partially correct, but the technology itself has a wide range of applications, some of which will be crucial in the fields of distributed renewable energy , network management and energy storage, and smart contracts, among others.

The full report Blockchain: an enabling innovator for clean technology, which was published in July, is a deep immersion in the blockchain and its potential, and we have published some extracts from the report in recent months. (Read the last episode here.)

Blockchain's clean technological solutions are born globally. At the moment we are witnessing 63 initiatives in 26 countries. Some are the efforts of innovation by the main utilities and sellers. Others are rapidly evolving start-ups by cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. Many will disappear in the next year or two, but as a group they keep a significant promise for innovation.

Initiative: 4New United Kingdom
Short description: Waste to energy power plant entirely integrated on the blockchain network and dedicated to crypto-mining
Country: United Kingdom

Initiative: ACWA Power and SolarCoin
Short description: Two solar systems with a capacity of 50 MW that generate electricity by confining SolarCoins
Country: Saudi Arabia

Initiative: ASTRN energy
Short description: P2P energy trading
Country: Australia

Initiative: Bankymoon Bitcoin smart meter
Short description: Pay-as-you-go-smart meter that uses cryptocurrency for immediate payments.
Country: South Africa

Initiative: Bas Nederland Payments
Short description: Utility that accepts Bitcoin to pay bills
Country: Netherlands

Initiative: Bittwatt
Brief description: supply of electricity in the network in real time and correspondence of the demand.
Country: Romania

Initiative: Blockchain Mining Ltd.
Brief description: Organization based in Quebec that acquires MW of renewable energy capacity for the extraction of sustainable blockchain
Country: Canada

Initiative: BlockchainPowerTrustneeTranseastern
Brief description: the renewable energy companies revolve to feed the extraction of cryptocurrencies with renewable sources
Country: Romania

Initiative: Brooklyn Microgrid
Short description: LO3 Energy Exergy used to manage payments between generators and users on a microgrid in Brooklyn.
Country: United States

Initiative: National Energy Commission in Chile
Short description: Contract for national grid energy negotiations on the Ethereum blockchain solution for transparency
Country: Chile

Initiative: Civitas solar with WePower
Short description: Spanish solar through WePower
Country: Spain

Initiative: ClimateCoin
Short description: ICO climate change for investment fund
Country: Spain

Initiative: Conquest solar with WePower
Short description: Spanish solar generation financed by WePower
Country: Spain

Initiative: Electrify Asia
Short description: Blockchain-based retail electricity market for Southeast Asia
Country: Singapore

Initiative: Elera and WePower
Brief description: large-scale tokenization of energy data in Estonia
Country: Estonia

Initiative: eMotorWerks
Short description: peer-to-peer charging for electric vehicles
Country: United States

Initiative: Enerchain European energy trading platform
Brief description: the large European utilities adhere to the blockchain energy trading platform
Country: Germany

Initiative: Energi Mine in the United Kingdom
Brief description: incentivize the efficient use of electricity with blockchain
Country: United Kingdom

Initiative: Carbon Block of Energy Blockchain Labs
Brief description: IBM Blockchain used in the process of reporting and verification of the development of carbon resources.
Country: China

Initiative: Energy Web Foundation
Brief description: open source and scalable platform for the management of decentralized energy
Country: United States

Initiative: EnerPort
Short description: start of P2P Irish energy trading
Country: Ireland

Initiative: Engie SA
Short description: French utility that uses blockchain to certify that electricity purchased from customers comes from renewable sources
Country: France

Initiative: Exergy Energy
Brief description: markets and localized energy devices
Country: United States

Initiative: Genercoin
Brief description: currency for transactions in biofuels
Country: Canada

Initiative: Grid Singularity
Short description: organization of events, publications and research focused on blockchain and clean technology
Country: Germany

Initiative: Grid + IOT energy saving
Short description: uses blockchain to record and manage IOT home devices for energy saving.
Country: United States

Initiative: ImpactPPA
Short description: P2P energy trading
Country: United States

Initiative: Sharing and charging Innogy
Short description: peer-to-peer charging for electric vehicles
Country: Germany

Initiative: KWHCoin
Short description: Financing power for microgrids with low power and small renewable resources globally
Country: United States

Initiative: LO3 and exchange of power
Short description: Connecting microgrids in Europe to larger wholesale networks
Country: United States

Initiative: NAD grid
Short description: Peer-to-peer energy trading platform
Country: United States

Initiative: NEMoGrid
Short description: P2P energy trading on a distribution network project with multiple utility participants in Europe
Country: Switzerland

Initiative: Nori Carbon Coin
Brief description: Nori is dedicated to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere by creating a carbon-based market for removing cryptocurrency.
Country: United States

Initiative: Novacorex solar with WePower
Short description: Italian solar generation financed by WePower
Country: Italy

Initiative: NovaTeqni
Short description: Feed the unpowered by microgrid and micropayments.
Country: Canada

Initiative: NREL and BlockCypher energy transactions
Short description: P2P energy trading
Country: United States

Initiative: Nyuta
Short description: Quick exploration of Bitcoin utility payments via Lightning with the third largest Japanese utility
Country: Japan

Initiative: Origin Energy with PowerLedger
Short description: 200-person microgrid that exchanges electricity in Sydney
Country: Australia

Initiative: PowerLedger peer-to-peer market
Brief Description: Provides a blockchain enabled peer-to-peer energy exchange market for
renewable energy.
Country: Australia

Initiative: Puerto Rico power exchange
Brief description: linking small-scale generation with local partners via blockchain
Country: United States

Initiative: Pylon blockchain smart meters
Short description: smart meters enabled by the blockchain
Country: Spain

Initiative: Qtum Foundation
Short description: microgrid blockchain solution from the Philippines
Country: Philippies

Initiative: Restart energy RED MWATT
Short description: European energy exchange platform
Country: Romania

Initiative: Robotine
Short description: European organization creating a blockchain-based network that, through artificial intelligence and intelligent physical devices, would optimize energy consumption
Country: Slovenia

Initiative: Seoul KEPCO P2P energy
Short description: small-scale energy exchanges with local generators in Seoul, South Korea
Country: South Korea

Initiative: SolarBankers
Short description: P2P energy trading
Country: Singapore

Initiative: SolarCoin
Short description: dotted rewards for solar power generation
Country: United States

Initiative: Group SP
Short description: certificates of renewable energy via blockchain
Country: Singapore

Initiative: TenneT-Sonnen eServices
Brief description: Blockchain used to record and balance battery storage on both ends of a transmission link from the North Sea wind generation.
Country: Netherlands

Initiative: Collaboration TenneT-Vandebron EV
Short description: Blockchain that acts as a network of signals distributed for cars that are recharged
Country: Netherlands

Initiative: Tepco Electron
Short description: exploration of the use of blockchain in the Japanese energy market
Country: Japan

Initiative: Thailand BCPG PowerLedger
Short description: Renewable energy peer-to-peer trade in Thailand
Country: Thailand

Initiative: United Nations coalition on climate change on the blockchain
Brief description: the UN establishes a working committee to investigate the uses of distributed accounting technologies in the fight against climate change
Country: United States

Initiative: US DOE and Guardtime
Brief description: Blockchain cybersecurity technology to help protect distributed energy resources at the edge of the network
Country: United States

Initiative: Utility payments
Short description: payment gateways that allow you to pay your bills with cryptocurrency.
Country: Mexico

Initiative: Verv
Short description: Microgrid energy trading
Country: United Kingdom

Initiative: WePower
Brief description: Blockchain based energy trading platform.
Country: Gibraltar

Initiative: Xage IOT Security with ABB
Short description: Grid IOT Device Endpoint Security enabled by blockchain with the industry leader ABB
Country: United States

Initiative: XiWatt
Short description: peer-to-peer charging for electric vehicles
Country: United States

See the summary of Blockchain: an enabling innovator for clean technology and request the full report at https://products.cleantechnica.com/reports/.

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