Civil couples based on Ethereum with Associated Press for blockchain-based content


  Ethereum-based ethereal couples with Associated Press for blockchain-based content

Civil Ethereum, a blockchain journalism startup, has signed a licensing agreement with the Associated Press (AP) that will see the news content of the latter available for use by civilian editors via blockchain technology.

Another giant becomes blockchain

According to an official version, the content licensing partnership will see AP publish its latest news and other detailed coverage on Civil, allowing editors to easily access via its blockchain platform.

In addition, news agencies and journalists wishing to use AP content will be able to purchase a license through the Civil platform, using the CVL token, to grant automatic content license rights through smart contracts .

AP is exploring blockchain technology to help protect its intellectual rights, track the use of its content and, above all, support the ethical rnalism approach. In addition, AP will hold the CVL tokens as part of the agreement.

Founded in 1846, AP is a nonprofit journalistic organization that relies on a cooperative of homes and magazines to exchange information, knowledge and news, with a focus on unbiased opinions and high journalism standards.

In 2016, reports found that more than 1,300 news agencies regularly republish AP content. However, journalistic revenue fell from $ 138 million to $ 1.6 million in the same year, a drop of 99%.

Civil 101

Using Civil's blockchain, AP will retain the rights to its own reporting, ensuring that a "new" economy for journalism is built using the disruptive blockchain technology.

Civil, meanwhile, it appeals as "self-sufficient journalism" built on the blockchain by Ethereum .The organization offers its own CVL token to reward content creators and incentivize contributors.

The ethos of Civil is based on the risk of mitigation by news agencies owned by an influential group All of the featured "editorial offices" are subjected to a community-approved whitelist process and can be "challenged" using CVL tokens. [19659005] Jim Kennedy, AP's senior vice president of strategy and business development, expressed his thoughts on the partnership:

"AP is pushing into the new digital territory for more than two decades and Civil it is opening another new space with interesting technology to explore and a commitment to good journalism. We look forward to helping cultivate space and demonstrate our value to a new group of digital publishers. "

In addition to Civil and AP, a few other companies have turned to blockchain technology to ensure ethical journalism.In July 2018, for example, the developer of Adblock Eyeo announced the launch of" Trusted News ", a & # 39 blockchain-based browser extension labeling "fake stories" and voting for reliable news sources

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