Chinese research Giant Baidu joins Tencent and Alibaba in Crypto Blockade


Chinese research giant Baidu has made moves to block cryptography content on its online portals, according to China Times.

The Beijing news agency reported on Sunday that the search giant intends to restrict or enforce an absolute ban on cryptography on the online form similar to Reddit of the company, known as Baidu Tieba.

At the moment, the sub-forums dedicated to "digital currency" and "virtual currency" are not available to users. The search for these keywords also activates a statement on the forum that says "This forum is temporarily closed due to relevant laws, regulations and policies." Surprisingly, other sub-forums with links to cryptocurrencies like "bitcoin" and "ethereum"

A representative of Baidu Tieba said that the closure of the subforums could be linked to the company by suspecting that issues related to the initial coin offerings were discussed (ICO) and cryptocurrency speculation.

the representative continued to justify closing by adding "the same reason why WeChat did", referring to Tencent's move to block several media crypts on his WeChat messaging platform in a radical move to ban all posts on ICOs and cryptography trading on its platform

At the time of the ban, the new rules issued by the Chinese government had been charged as reasons for closure.

Another Chinese company that took a tough Alibaba promised to continue monitoring and suspending accounts using Alipay, its mobile payment applications to conduct over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading.

Last week, WeChat Pay also issued a statement prohibiting users from sending or receiving funds related to cryptocurrencies on its social media platform.

"We expect to firmly establish awareness of risk prevention and actively cooperate with the government to maintain financial order and social stability," the company noted in a press release [19659002] Image first Shutterstock plan.

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