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Original title: “dominant” Chinese companies US equities have a lot to watch

Last Friday, in the United StatesactionmarketDealAmong the top 10 stocks, there are 5 conceptual Chinese stocks, including new energy car stocksWei Lai27.4 billionU.S. dollarVolumeFirst place, finishedAppleAmazonwithMicrosoftSum. Some media have described this “historical event” as “for the first time in history”.

Objectively speaking, ChinaenterpriseGloballycapitalIt is no news that the market is causing a stirbank of ChinaWaiting for the listing abroad to win the largest amount of funding that year, in 2014AlibabaListed on the New York Stock Exchange and raised $ 25 billion, the largest IPO of the time. In recent years, the number and volume of Chinese “unicorn” companies have reached the United States.International capitalBehind the preference for Chinese companies, it reflects the fact that the Chinese economic aggregate has risen to the second and fastest growing in the world.

To talk about the highlight this time, of course, the volume of Chinese companies “tops the list”. As a “phenomenon”, I fear that it is both completely random and certain.

By chance, 5 Chinese companies occupy the first 10 transactionsthe company——Wei Laimachine,AlibabaIdeal machinePinduoduoXiaopeng MotorsAmong them, 3 are new energy vehicle concepts and 2 are e-commerce platforms. In terms of time, immediately after “Double 11”, the transaction on the e-commerce platform hit the record and exceeded expectations, it is reasonable to be sought after by the capital. In early November, China again issued a policy to support the development of new energy vehicles, and the already hot “new car-building forces” are like spit of oil.

Inevitably, these Chinese companies on the listPerformanceGrowth is truly worthy of seeking capital.

The quarterly report released by Ali showed that the turnover was 155.59 billion yuan.YoYAn increase of 30%,Net profitA 44% year-on-year increase to 47.88 billion yuan. Rapid growthPinduoduoIn the third quarter, revenue was 14.21 billion yuan, an increase of 89% over the same period last year. The monthly average of APP active users reached 643.4 million, an increase of 74.6 million in a single quarter.

Several new energy vehicles ofLostTo achieve profitability, quarterly revenue growth was a leapXiaopeng MotorsFor example, the third quarter increased 342.5% year on year and for the first timeinterest rateGet positive.

  Automotive industry“The sky is changing”, the leader of new energy vehiclesTeslaMarket valueIt surpassed Toyota to become the number one in the world and the leader in ChinaBYDThe market value also exceeds GM, BMW, etc.BrandIn this context, the most potential market in the worldWei LaiSuch car brands are sought after by international capital with their own logic.

This weekend, in the United StatesinvestmentThe agencies have announced the third quarterPositionrelationshipThe number one hedge in the worldbottomThe Qiaoshui Fund position report shows that Qiaoshui is on many conceptual Chinese stocksAdd warehouse,to includeAlibabaJingdongPinduoduoBaiduGood futureWait.Goldman SachsThe published position report shows that emerging markets are also at the heart of Masukura. Among the Chinese concept stocks, Ali,IQIYIVipshop, Xiaopeng enterprises are Masukura’s targets.

(Source: Shenzhen Commercial Daily)

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