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NASA has already stated that as part of its Artemis program, two astronauts will return to the moon by 2024, with the space agency’s recent discovery of water pockets reinforcing the opportunity to establish a permanent base at the pole. south. Meanwhile, China, which is already operating a mission on the opposite side of the moon and is preparing to launch another one this year, plans to increase its impressive CV by sending humans to the same destination proposed by the United States. Chang’e 6, a backup mission for this year’s champion return launch, is expected to head for the celestial body in 2023 or 2024, and Chang’e 7 is expected to launch around 2024 with the dual goal of landing and studying. closely the region from orbit.

But Dr Bleddyn Bowen of the University of Leicester believes it’s all Beijing smoke and mirrors.

He told “I’m not sure how seriously we should take the Chinese target of 2024 for landing on the moon.

“It’s not something that was really listed in their five-year plans, I think it was just some officials talking.

“I would not take that Chinese deadline seriously because they are concerned in terms of manned space flights with Tiangong-3 – the space station in low earth orbit.

China has come up with ambitious plans for space

China has come up with ambitious plans for space (Image: GETTY)

China has already launched missions to the moon

China has already launched missions to the moon (Image: GETTY)

“They’re still working on it, it’s nowhere near ready.

“For the Chinese, human presence and manned missions to the moon is a much longer goal, so I don’t expect to see astronauts on the moon in 2024.”

The expert on space warfare, space politics and international relations in the cosmos, believes that both Chinese and American announcements are far from what they can realistically achieve.

Instead, Dr. Bowen highlighted what he thinks will be of greatest importance to both governments.

He added, “It was ambitious even from the United States, especially considering that Congress is reluctant to give NASA everything it wants in terms of budget.

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The Moon is in the goals of both the United States and China

The Moon is in the goals of both the United States and China (Image: GETTY)

“Until you start seeing Congress give money, we have to take deadlines with a pinch of salt.

“I would like to dismiss the whole notion of a space race, it doesn’t explain anything of what’s happening right now, there’s a lot more to space.

“If we talk about space capabilities in general, manned spaceflight is just an expensive sideline.

“The main utility of space technology is in the satellites and the infrastructure services they provide.”

Dr Bowen explained how satellites are becoming increasingly important for the defense of countries, adding that spending has soared in recent years.

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The United States plans to return to the lunar surface in 2024

The United States plans to return to the lunar surface in 2024 (Image: GETTY)

Satellites are becoming more and more important

Satellites are becoming more and more important (Image: GETTY)

He said, “Satellites collect data and provide services on Earth for military, commercial, industrial, security and development purposes – that’s where the spending goes.

“Manned space flight is a very expensive scientific project, which adds a certain prestige.

“It’s interesting and exciting if you’re interested in space, but it’s not the most important thing in space, it’s about who is deploying which satellite and for what purpose.

“There are over 2,500 satellites and all the countries of the world are learning to share the Earth’s orbit.”

With Joe Biden likely to take the keys to the White House from US President Donald Trump, Dr. Bowen expects the Democratic candidate to continue to protect these assets using the Space Force.

Joe Biden will inherit the Space Force

Joe Biden will inherit the Space Force (Image: GETTY)

He added: “I expect there to be more continuity changing with the Space Force, it’s more about how things look than what the US military is doing in space.

“It’s really just an extension of what the US Air Force has been doing in space for decades.

“This is something that Biden will inherit and I see no reason why he will eliminate it, it is not a ridiculous idea.

“It makes sense because you need military specialists who understand satellite technology, space technology and the services they provide for military operations on Earth.

“Space has always been a military kingdom and always will be.”

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