China will promote a future shared community with


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Friday that despite the risks and challenges, China wants to work with its African brothers to promote the building of a future shared community between China and Africa so that the flag of the friendship is always high.

China and Africa have supported each other since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and have overcome difficulties together, Wang said. Ahead of the pandemic, China has provided the African Union and African countries with urgently needed material in the fight against the virus through many channels, held six video conferences with Africa to share experience in combating COVID-19, and expert groups in 15 African countries published. 46 Chinese medical teams actively participated in the fight against COVID-19 in Africa. China has also promised to offer them to developing countries such as African countries after research and development of a vaccine.

Regarding stricter requirements for COIVD-19 prevention and control for air passengers bound for China, Wang Wenbin said China’s further strengthening of remote prevention and control is not just protecting China’s achievements in the fight against the new coronavirus. It also reduces the risk of contagion among passengers traveling to China to protect everyone’s health and safety.


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