China Securities Regulatory Commission: continue to jointly carry out research, training and inspections to jointly promote the quality improvement of listed companies

On November 26, the Working Group on the Standardized Operation of Listed Companies (hereinafter referred to as the Standardized Operating Group) held a working meeting to study and distribute the “views of the Council of State on further improving the quality of listed companies” for implement relevant work. Yan Qingmin, vice president of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, attended the meeting and gave a speech.

The meeting studied the division of tasks of the “Opinions” and clarified the timetable and roadmap for the implementation of the “Opinions”. The participating units agreed that the publication of the “Opinions” fully reflects the importance of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to improve the quality of listed companies and promote the healthy development of the capital market. All units will fully implement the spirit of Secretary General Xi Jinping’s series of important instructions on improving the quality of listed companies, focusing on the standardization of corporate governance, resolving outstanding issues such as capital occupation of listed companies, guarantees and the intensification of the crackdown on violations of the laws and regulations of listed companies to coordinate and balance We will do a good job of improving the quality of listed companies on capital market financing and investment purposes and attracting more funds to medium and long term in the market.

The meeting stressed that improving the quality of listed companies is an important manifestation of the implementation of the main decisions and provisions of the Central Committee of the Party and the Council of State, an intrinsic requirement for deepening the capital market reform and is the only way to improve the ability of financial services to serve the real economy. At present, the implementation of the “views” is an important task of the capital market. Improving the quality of listed companies is a comprehensive and systematic project, which is inseparable from the concerted efforts of all units. To do a good job of implementing “Opinions”, it is necessary that all units build consensus, collaborate and cooperate and exercise joint efforts. All units must play the full role of the standard operations team as a platform for the implementation, communication and service of “Opinions”, continue to jointly conduct research, training and inspections, give full play to their respective strengths, actively promote solving key and difficult problems and jointly promoting the improvement of the quality of listed companies. In the next phase, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will further strengthen coordination and cooperation with the various units, take the initiative to increase the effectiveness and expectations of the work, and will firmly promote the implementation of the various provisions of the “Opinions”.


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