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What is your background briefly?
I love to innovate. Better ways, better systems, more efficient processes. My greatest satisfaction is in seeing ideas come to life. A first exposure to programming offered me the creative environment to solve problems. I have over a decade of programming experience, using different languages ​​(Java, Python, C, VB.Net, Javascript, Lisp, Solidity etc.), Operating systems and development tools to build and manage production scale software while maintaining different technological roles in startup.

I graduated in engineering (B. Eng) at the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Benin. During my university days, I founded SMSLeak, a large SMS service and gateway provider that allowed users to send mass messages online at an affordable price. In India, as a student of international exchange at the Manipal Institute of Technology, I wrote programs for image processing, selection of features and representation in a research and development environment. I was a founding member of Codev, a student club that equipped the protégés with basic knowledge on software programming and embedded systems.

I was obsessed with the decentralized Internet concept from my first experience with writing smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain.

Does this seem like a logical background for what you're doing now?

I say yes.

1 minute for what are you doing now?

As the Network Technology Chief Technology Officer, I have been committed to driving the long-term technological vision of this project. We are building a platform that is actually usable by the non-technical population. Our design goals are oriented towards the maximum inclusion of all entities; also medium-low income countries (LMIC) with dysfunctional healthcare systems. I will exploit existing technologies as I push for in-depth research and development to provide sustainable software systems.

Why have you been involved with this ICO?

I've been involved in raising funds to scale up the Cura Network platform globally. I believe that decentralized systems are interrupting the way data and identity are shared. I like to bring a project that makes health care more accessible and safe to thousands of users.

Why do you think it's such a powerful idea?
I have been involved in this vision since the conception of the idea. By providing seamless interoperability between stakeholders in global health care and acting as a unified platform for fueling health services applications, I believe that the Care Network is a solid foundation for tomorrow's inclusive health systems. I believe this project is worth every resource it gets.

How can people find out more about 1. ICO 2. you and your job?

Send me an email to [email protected]
Twitter: @chibuotu_amadi
Facebook: @chibuotu

Anything else you would like to add / we should have asked?

Hobby? I love traveling, dancing, swimming and watching non-fiction movies.
PS: I think I would implement a working version of the gaming network in the 2016 Nerve movie

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