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Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, to talk to SlushHQ of HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone Release


Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and has an impressive background. Before Litecoin, he was a computer engineer at Google, but decided to develop Litecoin after bitcoin had aroused his interest and decided that he would be able to promote a safer and safer mining process.

Since development litecoin, Lee received a lot of positive attention from the cryptocurrency community. He recently announced that he intends to travel to Helsinki to meet Phil Chen to discuss the HTC Exodus phone. Lee tweeted: "Last week I decided to talk to @SlushHQ Helsinki and have a conversation at the fireplace with [Phil Chen] to talk about the @htcexodus phone. HTC Exodus will support Bitcoin, Ethereum and & litecoin out of the box. The mass adoption takes place one phone at a time! #PayWithLitecoin. "

The HTC Exodus Phone seems to be a great thing in the crypted community that many are waiting for. The phone is classified as Exodus 1 and was developed by Phil Chin, who has experience in many companies and technology startups. Right now, he is a consultant for artificial intelligence companies and he is also the DCO and MD of the project.

The phone comes with an impressive six-inch screen, two cameras and will be able to run on the Android system. The phone also includes 128 GB of memory and is supported by the 4G network. One of the features that excites the krypton community is that it will be able to provide different cryptocurrencies out of the box, just out of the box. There is no indication as to how support will work, but with the same praise it has received, it is likely to be a quality that users can rely on. If the phone is successful, it could consolidate the role of HTC in the industry.

As for LiteCoin, he is currently pushing for the adoption of his currency. With a cell phone, like this one, which will work with LiteCoin, the system may be able to perform a smooth and efficient process.

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