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Tesla has dominated the electric car market for years. The from Elon Musk The led group has set itself the goal of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy and therefore relies entirely on the electric drive of its vehicles. Conversely, established manufacturers have long neglected this niche and only developed vehicles with alternative drivetrains to meet regulatory requirements. Their number was correspondingly small.

The result of this lack of commitment is that, according to “EV Sales Blogspot,” Tesla has now secured a significant 18% share of global electric car sales. For comparison: Volkswagen (without branches), BMW and Chinese manufacturer BYD follow in second place with only 6 percent each.

The big automakers have been able to live with it so far, because after all, electric cars make up only three percent of global auto sales. But now the focus is shifting: shoppers are becoming more environmentally conscious and government regulations are also becoming stricter.

Established manufacturers are entering the market

Traditional producers are now adapting to these changed conditions and are taking the offensive. According to “Electrek”, more than a dozen new electric car programs should be launched in the next twelve months alone. Others would follow in the coming years.

Tesla is looking to maintain its edge by expanding its product range, building more factories and opening new markets. However, the balance of power is likely to shift, as major automakers are now making huge efforts to catch up with Tesla. They should benefit from the fact that their brands have been established for many years and are known to buyers.

Growing electric car market

Fred Lambert, the editor-in-chief of “Electrek,” is convinced that emerging developments are not bad for Tesla. After all, Tesla would end up getting a smaller slice of a much larger pie.

Lambert speculates that around seven to ten percent of all cars sold in the world will be powered by an electric motor by 2021. Although Tesla will likely increase its sales in the next year by around 50 percent, industry giants like VW, Ford , Nissan and others will grow even more with their electric cars. Therefore, he believes Tesla’s market share should be reduced to around twelve percent, meaning the California-based company would remain the market leader.

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