Changelly Partners with Buntoy Blockchain Gaming Mobile Crypto Wallet


Changelly went on to work with Buntoy

Changelly it made another significant move as they just announced the new partnership with the Buntoy gaming portfolio.

Why enter the world of Blockchain games?

The blockchain community has been filled with several projects, and new ones continue to tick. However, there is nothing that is able to contribute to the mass adoption of cryptographic coins better than the gaming blockchain industry, and there are some reasons to support it.

– The gaming blockchain industry has been considered an important millstone when we look at the history of computer games, which if we want to go back in time, appeared before the world wide web.

– At the moment the cryptographic world and the blockchain game are walking together in the production of a new concept of A.I, just to ensure that new and better aspects are introduced into the vibrant community.

– Do not forget the games was the most pleasant way people spend time, and is rewarded in participating in the mass adoption of the new community, which is the encrypted world is an advantage.

What is Changelly bringing to Buntoy?

Take this, for example, you are playing a game and you would like to update the equipment used by your character, but to do so, you will need an additional resource to make it possible. Let's move a little bit you were able to earn some altcoin while you were playing, but instead of using it all you prefer to save it in BTC. This is where the Changelly platform comes into play to make your life a little simple.

The founder of BuntoyJustin Song is excited about the new partnership they have entered and recognizes that Changelly is a great product to work with. And with cryptographic resources, they are able to flow more easily around the world.

The Buntoy was conceived as a portfolio particularly focused on the game of digital resources, which was able to attract a large number of different blockchain users.

Have the Changelly platform will allow users of the platform to easily exchange resources within the blockchain platform. With the development, we see that it is happening in the technology of the public chain that we should expect to see the gaming industry break through in the next two years, and with this Changelly and Buntoy incorporated will have a thorough understanding of the market.

About Buntoy

It is designed as a mobile cryptographic portfolio that can be used on blockchain games. A platform that has been able to support over 500 cryptographic coins that have been found all over the world. The company was founded to ensure that it brings the best portfolio experience that users can have.

About Changelly

The Changelly platform it has been designed as a non-custodian to be used for encrypted exchange. The company is essentially an intermediary between users and cryptographic exchanges; so users have access to over 130 cryptographic coins in the market. The main mission for the company is to make the exchange process for users to be effortless when they invest in the encrypted market.

The platform is designed with an API along with a customizable payment widget that is easily used on any of the cryptographic services that are trying to expand its current services to the market.

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