will offer the world's first investment bank with blockchain in partnership with Archipelago Group and IBH Capital


/ Ultima / 2018/12 / based cgcx-io-di-offerta-worlds-first-blockchain investment-bank-in-collaboration-with-archipelago-group-and-IBH-Capital / will offer the world's first investment bank with blockchain in partnership with Archipelago Group and IBH Capital

cgcx-io-di-offerta-worlds-first-blockchain-based investment-bank-in-collaboration-with-archipelago-group-and-IBH-capital

This cooperation marks the creation of the world's first physical blockchain bank, located in Labuan, Malaysia. The synergy rich in skills of successful industry players aims to create a blockchain-based investment bank with a dedicated division for the management of crypts, blockchains and other operations related to the digital banking system. The multifunctional landscape of the parts makes it possible to tackle all relevant road obstacles in an effective and timely manner.

It is a courageous step in an evolutionary phase that further promotes the commercial expansion of partner companies. supports technical innovation by offering an encryption platform with a range of versatile services for all final participants. The company is headquartered in Singapore (UEN license number 201814950K), and their recently completed ICO has raised $ 32.5 million. With a current daily trading volume of $ 10 million, the company has a solid financial foundation for the new growth spiral.

According to the company's CEO, Anandh Swami, "Unlike most of the exchanges that only offer cryptocurrency trading, is distinguishing itself in the field of Distributed Ledger technology by providing five platforms in one to offer a wide range of services to its customers. "

Now the team is striving to build a bridge between traditional and encrypted investment worlds by joining efforts with companies interested in the same way to increase their digital technology capabilities.

The archipelago (Malay archipelago) represents an international insurance group, at the service of the strong support for the crypto-fiat operations and to guarantee the security of the activities related to digital technology.

IBH Capital, which owns IBH Investment Bank, is an investment and asset management company that operates with a global membership of over $ 1 billion. The company embraces contemporary investment opportunities and deals with financial fraternity in a new and modern way.

Dato & # 39; Howard Choo, MD of IBH Capital, states:

Today, we do business in a fast-paced market characterized by continuous changes. But the more things change, the stronger our commitment to supporting our core approach is: creating value for our investors while remaining true to our customer-centric approach; solid and sustainable investment approach through industry experience and in-depth analysis.

The parties represent three pillars of a safe and reliable operating model that work in unison and have assumed responsibilities based on their area of ​​expertise. is committed to providing technical assistance and support related to the blockchain at IBH, including the development, management and control of the dedicated blockchain-based division within the Investment Bank. This implies the support of all the blockchain initiatives of IBH and the refinement of the underlying technology in its original platform. In addition, should create a multi-functional blockchain-based portfolio with advanced security features, endorse the rebranded bank and offer up to $ 100 million STOs. All this will guarantee financial support for a successful blockchain-based investment bank.

The MOU has been signed between the parties for the next twelve months, and there is a good chance of seeing the first results soon. In the meantime, all interested parties can join the community and prepare for the benefits of the move.

Interested parties can visit to learn more.

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