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CEO of ODEM is praised for Blockchain technology – BlockPublisher

The revolutionary perspectives offered by blockchain technology can not be denied at all. Bitcoin is just a case of using this technology and has already created strong ripples in the financial market. In addition to finance, there are many other sectors that can benefit from the decentralization that this technology presents and one of these sectors is education. ODEM is a blockchain-based project focused specifically on this sector in order to form a global ecosystem for teachers and students. It wants to make education readily accessible and safe for its users worldwide by employing blockchain at its core.

Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with ODEM's founder and CEO, Richard Maaghul. In addition to giving an idea of ​​the project, Richard also shared his views on the technology. In response to the question regarding his views on blockchain technology in general, he said:

Simply fantastic! The fact that you can securely store each transaction on a Blockchain public network and make it completely transparent and immutable. It will push and transform more business models based on peer to peer permissions in the next 10 years.

As suggested by Richard, we could see more peer-to-peer companies progressing over the next decade and the blockchain will probably be at their center. Adding further to his statements, Richard said:

It will certainly open a new competitive landscape between centralized and decentralized markets. It is a winning victory for everyone.

The demand for decentralization is increasing at a rapid pace. Most of the products we use every day have centralized structures behind them, be it social media or banks. Centralized structures are also subject to violations by external forces. Data leakage is unknown to anyone and even the big corporate spearheads are not immune to this. Decentralization can certainly prove revolutionary in centralized frameworks where transparency and security are paramount. It has already been incorporated into many areas such as aviation, music, social media, etc. Let's see how many other effects influence from here on.

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