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Central American migrants reach the southern border of Mexico

A new migrant caravan is arriving in the United States. On Thursday, people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have reached Mexico.

Central American migrants have reached the Mexican border traveling to the United States. Hundreds of people lined up on the bridge between the Mexican city of Ciudad Hidalgo and the Guatemalan city of Tecún Umán on Thursday to register, according to the television channel "Milenio".

Migrants had to present identification documents and were kidnapped by the Department of Mexican Immigration. According to the issuer, it should be decided within five days that each migrant receives a humanitarian visa in Mexico.

No accidents

The so-called migrant caravan broke up on Tuesday morning (local time) in the Honduran town of San Pedro Sula. People from El Salvador and Guatemala also joined the road to the Mexican border.

Migrants are fleeing violence and poverty in their countries of origin, hoping to reach the US border to seek asylum.

At the border crossing between Mexico and Guatemala, initially there were no accidents. There had been chaotic scenes in the last year, when thousands of people crossed a border river without registration. The new Mexican government had announced that people could only have access with the necessary documents. (DPS)

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