CDC now says the masks also protect the wearer, not just others, from Covid-19 transmission


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated their advice on face masks, saying they protect the wearer from Covid-19 rather than others against asymptomatic wearers, as previously thought.

For most of 2020, the CDC has been encouraging the use of masks for “Asymptomatic or presymptomatic infected carriers who feel well and may not be aware of their contagiousness to others”, which, according to them, were responsible for over 50% of the broadcasts.

In late Tuesday’s updated guidelines, however, the CDC now says the masks “also help reduce the wearer’s inhalation” of droplets.

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The CDC now says studies have shown that cloth masks help reduce wearer’s exposure by filtering out droplets and particles smaller than 10 microns, although effectiveness varies by material and thickness. and the number of layers. Polypropylene can improve efficiency by generating a static charge that improves capture, while silk can repel droplets, to name just two examples they cite.

“Several layers of fabric with a greater number of threads” it can filter out nearly 50 percent of fine particles measuring less than 1 micron, the CDC said.

Masks and blockings have been imposed around the world to curb the spread of the respiratory virus, which was first reported in China last December and became a pandemic in March. So far, nearly 52 million people around the world have tested positive for the virus, which has been attributed with 1.28 million deaths.

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