Cboe launches the Ethereum futures before the end of 2018


A major leap forward for the Ethereum community and the overall cryptocurrency are CBOE cards, the largest exchange of options and futures in the US, told market makers that Ether's future debut is approaching . The exchange is, however, awaiting further clarity on the part of the CFTC.

This new development with potentially far-reaching consequences could take place by the end of 2018, Business Insider reports citing a person with knowledge of the situation.

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To help kick off that process, Cboe is basing future futures on the underlying market of the Gemini cryptocurrency platform, founded and managed by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Cboe was already exploring the cryptocurrency of Ethereum with a market value of $ 29 billion in various ways. He also created related products in the background, awaiting further clarity.

However, the problem was US regulatory uncertainty that prevented the Chicago commodity giant from taking the last crucial step. Compared to the 2015 CFTC guidelines that classify bitcoin as a commodity, Ethereum has remained in a gray area with many saying that cryptocurrency is more centralized and could be considered a security.

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CBOE President Chris Concannon said earlier "could not stop at bitcoin" and that the exchange it could also add other cryptocurrency futures, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Both Cboe and the CME group have negotiated future bitcoins since last year. With a series of security measures, a week after Cboe launched the first regulated US bitcoin futures, CME Group followed the example.

But this time the question is a little different and the hype is a lot less. Terry Duffy, CEO of the CME Group, said last month that the world's largest futures trading operator does not plan to offer new cryptocurrency contracts other than Bitcoin at any time.

The comments were inconsistent with previous rumors that CME was preparing to launch the Ethereum and Litecoin futures despite CBOE's rival opening to the idea.

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