Caught and mom fears the worst! The competitor underwent a delicate surgery and hid everything from TVI! – National


Pedro Fonseca has hidden from the production of “Big Brother” and TVI a health problem that could be aggravated if not treated. The contestant’s mother, Maria Antónia Fonseca, 68, reveals, exclusively to TV Guia this week, what her son’s health problem is: “Before joining the program, Pedro had a mark on his forehead that grew from the sun. He was recently operated on and the scar is still visible …”
Maria António knows Pedro well and can detect the problem with the naked eye. “You can see on television that the scab is very high and should put the ointment … But nothing helped the program. He has an aversion to medicines “, the mother of the former flight attendant from Alverca do Ribatejo acknowledges to the same magazine.

According to the competitor’s mother, Pedro’s scar was most noticeable when his colleagues cut his hair. “When they cut his hair ‘madly’, then he noticed more. My Pedro doesn’t like those hairstyles and I think he did it just to see if it made his colleagues happy and to join the group,” he points out.


Fan confesses to “reality shows”, in particular to “Big Brother”, Pedro’s mother already feared for her physical integrity at Ericeira’s home. “I was alarmed when I saw Carina arguing with my son with a knife in her hand. I confess I feared the worst,” he points out, ensuring that he has no doubts that his colleagues are doing a lot of harm Pedro: “I think it is being a victim of bullying! “

The episodes experienced in the most popular house in the country, by the magician in his free time and by the tourist entrepreneur, are however something for which he entered prepared. “The father warned him: ‘Look, it’s’ The Revolution ‘, you go there and you don’t know what can happen. Watch out!'”, Recalls the mother in ‘TV Guia’, who would have preferred to see him enter BB 2020.


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