Google has launched a landline service in the United States

[ad_1] The service, called Fiber Phone, is located in an online environment, more precisely in the “Cloud”, thus presenting some additional features, such as the transcription of voice messages and sending via text message (SMS) or e-mail, as well as automatic connection with the mobile phone when the user is …

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Food and Drink – Thematic Center

[ad_1] NCCO Founded in 1905, NCCO provides simple and effective solutions to the daily challenges of catering. Our flagship technology is the DateCodeGenie® suite of automated labeling software and systems, designed to manage food labeling with an easy-to-use system that labels items for prep, pick up and delivery with precision …

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International Internet Day, celebrated on 29 October

[ad_1] International Internet Day is celebrated every year on October 29, when the first message was sent from one computer to another. 43 years ago, in 1969, Charley Kline of UCLA (California) first tried to go online. Kline transmitted from a university-hosted SDD 7 SDD the “access” message to a …

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