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1862) – Bitcoin & Official Archive

Jingrui Holdings Limited (HKSE: 1862) ANALYSIS OF PERFORMANCES IN FOCUS: PROFITABILITY REPORT: Monitoring of profitability, profit margin of the company recorded at 8.08% and operating margin recorded at 12.09%. The company maintained …

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97) – Bitcoin and stock newspaper

Henderson Investment Limited (HKSE: 97) ANALYSIS OF PERFORMANCES IN FOCUS: Henderson Investment Limited (HKSE: 97) posted around 1.538.462% last month and reached 4.71-1905% in the last quarter. The stock showed a 10% …

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829) – Bitcoin and stock newspaper

Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited (HKSE: 829) ANALYSIS OF FOCUS PERFORMANCE: PROFITABILITY REPORT: Monitoring of the control of profitability, of the company profit margin which was recorded at 7.63% and of the operating …

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