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Cashshuffle Bitcoin Cash Privacy Protocol is almost ready to raise funds on Bitbacker for Security Audit


The world of cryptocurrency has survived here because of features such as privacy in which users are protected by the authorities or other regulators in pursuit. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the latest blockchain project to initiate the development of a private protocol that has been designed to reshuffle secrecy. At the moment, the verification of the safety on this ecosystem is scheduled and for this purpose a fund on Bitbacker.io has been launched.

Financing of the Cashshuffle innovation audit

This protocol is open source and includes the efforts of the Bitcoin Cash developers and the programming of the Electron Cash team. The Cashshuffle Innovation is designed to exploit server capacity in mixing UTXO BCHs. Fundamentally, the shuffling of cryptographic coins makes it difficult for 3rd parts to be traced thus avoiding any challenge with the authorities.

According to New.Bitcoin.com, the Cashshuffle project is almost completed according to the statements of a contributing participant, Josh Ellithorpe. In addition, the Bitbacker.io financing platform has just two days and has started receiving BCH contributions. The Ellithorpe fundraising post shows optimism for this that will soon be a milestone;

"Prepare for Kudelski Security's Cashshuffle Security Audit – I am looking forward to finally releasing a privacy solution that is ripe for BCH"

Cashshuffle has been in play since 2017, when the idea was transmitted to encryption enthusiasts. This marked the beginning of this project which has been tested on the use of Bitcoin Cash wall plugins so far. So how is it, the open source Cashshuffle the protocol is hosted on its website with the help of plugins.

Jonald Fyookball, the developer of Electron Cash, emphasized the importance of cryptographic privacy;

"Privacy and fungibility go hand in hand and are fundamental for cryptocurrency: free people living in a free society should have the right to privacy without fearing that the state writes in their personal finances"

The Bitbacker.io fundraising for the Cashshuffle security audit remains the final step in achieving this important milestone. Josh believes that once the goal is reached, this will happen in less than 30 days and this protocol can go live!

Cashshuffle; A potential cryptographic privacy protocol

Once the security audit is completed, Cashshuffle will take its services to a new level. This means that affected users will be able to access them as default settings installed in the electronic memory of Electron Cash. In addition, the services will be extended to mobile users and light customers in the near future. The team that followed this development constantly provided updates on progress with the launch of plug-ins, marking one of the big milestones for them.

Plugin for Cashshuffle

This innovation came when industry was facing the challenges posed by criptocentric bullshit and mixing networks to alter liquidity. The Cashshuffle team created an automatic PoC bot to alter liquidity by mixing when the ecosystem has some contributors. Other plans include developing a system to incentivize participants who want to engage in this network.

A major advantage of the open source shuffle network is possible with other Bitcoin Cash light customers that include BTC.com digital storage. A good number of the cryptic community BCH is impressed by the progress of this idea of ​​fungibility and soon completed. This prompted them to contribute to the security check for the completion of the project.

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