Carolina Herrera says only young women wear jeans


The fashion expert hates jeans on older women

In all areas there are references and personalities who are an icon that everyone admires, follows and trusts their actions and each of their words. So it is Carolina Herrera for the world of fashion, an important figure who represents the Latins in the world.

María Carolina Josefina Pacanins Niño was born in Caracas Venezuela on January 8, 1939. She grew up in an upper class family that participated in fashion shows and was very close to galas and events with powerful characters. Carolina she was used to wearing Haute Couture from an early age.

He married at 18, had two daughters and later divorced. Years later, she married the Venezuelan aristocrat Reinaldo Herrera, editor of the magazine Vanity Fair with whom he had two other daughters and adopted his surname.

He has always been recognized for his good taste, elegance and composure. She worked as a publicist but it was until the age of 42 that she decided to venture into the world of international fashion, becoming one of the most important stylists in recent years. His first exhibition was held in 1981.

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Carolina Herrera has a strong style. Classic pieces, elegant cuts and a poise that makes you turn to see it wherever you go; However, she also has a lot of style opinions that have caused a stir among fashionistas around the world.

Carolina spoke of the years, how a woman ages and especially its older appearance. “Nothing ages a woman more than pretending to be still young” It is one of his best-known phrases that has been repeated and applauded by millions of people; However, on many occasions he has commented that very few consider them as garments that you can no longer use, skin care and that we all need to have some botox at some point in our life and, above all, that older women are not well. with long hair.

But one of the details that surprised and criticized the most was that Carolina Herrera ensures it jeans are for young people and should not be worn by older women, as she does.

Carolina Herrera

The story of jeans It is very curious, the former were made for miners and other workers, today there is a wide range of shapes, colors and styles that suit all people, there are also tips to find the best option for your body type. They are the fulcrum of a Look random.

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Carolina Herrera says no. That if you are not young you cannot wear mini skirts, bikinis and jeans … and in that moment all the beautiful women who are over 50, 60 or older come to mind, wearing a cute pair of pants and looking phenomenal.

There is nothing wrong with getting older. What’s wrong is if you try to stop it “, nut Carolina Herrera. Do you think wearing jeans wants to look younger?

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