CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: chili peppers to live longer?


This is both a significantly reduced risk of death from cardiovascular causes or cancer, which in fact confirms this preliminary research, in line with previous studies that have already suggested the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor and blood sugar regulating effects. associated with the consumption of chili.

Consumption of chilli partner at a reduced risk of cardiovascular death, cancer and all causes.

Here, to analyze the effects of chili pepper on all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease, the researchers looked at 4,729 studies published in leading medical and scientific databases. The team finally selected 4 large studies that included both data on chili consumption and the health outcomes of the participants. The analysis reveals that compared to people who rarely or never eat chili, those who consume it regularly benefit from:

  • a relative reduction of 26% in cardiovascular mortality;
  • a 23% relative reduction in cancer mortality;
  • a relative reduction of 25% in the risk of death from all causes.

In all studies, regular chili pepper consumption was found to be associated with an overall reduction in the risk of death. all causes, cardiovascular causes and cancer.

“These chili data are a more general reminder of the key role of food in overall health,” recalls lead author, Dr. Bo Xu, a cardiologist at the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute at the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio). However, the mechanisms underlying this association remain to be better understood.

Further research, such as randomized controlled trials, is therefore needed to confirm a direct relationship between certain compounds in chili peppers and this reduced risk of death. Especially since in this analysis, the amount and type of chili consumed varied from one study to another, making it difficult to draw conclusions about the quantity, frequency and type of chili to be consumed.

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