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Cardano (ADA) Reach the next milestone in the first quarter of 2019

Following the Byron phase, the eleventh largest digital currency per ad market will enter Shelley phase in the first quarter of 2019.

The foundations set by Byron when it comes to interaction, Shelley will be started with the goal of to lure more developers to the platform with more functionality and stability. With Shelley, the network is seen as completely decentralized.

As a result, the delegation of the Open Ouroboros will be introduced in the crypt-vers that is in place injected in the network.

Byron has established the base line for Cardano in allowing users to exchange and transfer Ada. Shelley focuses on ensuring that key elements are present so that technology becomes a completely decentralized and autonomous system. In 2019, the characteristics of Shelley will be released, starting with the delegation and the stake pool testnetworks. – Cardano Road Map website


As we progress through Shelley, work will be done that contributes to stability, interoperability and governance. Throughout the development, Cardano's protocols will increase in complexity, interdependence and use more exotic cryptographic primitives.

Charles Hoskinson – co-creator of Cardano added on Twitter that the finalization of the mechanics of the delegation is close:

The Cardano team's post continued to thank the community for theirs help and patience during the whole process.

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