Captain Kirk boldly arrives at the Defense of the Founder of Ethereum


Star Star Trek, William Shatner, has arrived at Ethereum and defends the founder of the centralization charges of the project. Ethereum continues to attract negative publicity about how truly decentralized it is.

Centralization vs. decentralization

However, Mr. Shatner does not share the same feelings. Ethereum boasts more geographically distributed nodes than Bitcoin (BTC). That said, one can not expect the project to be centralized in the total contravention of the fundamental traits of the blockchain. Shatner took on his Twitter account to make a splash on the people who portrayed Ethereum as a central blockchain project.

"Then, as a programmer, develop your blockchain technology where you can be 100% sure of decentralization. Or push money into a mattress. I heard that it is only supervised by the insect community.Mr. Shatner said.

The observations essentially represent a man who knows a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. His knowledge comes at a time when most people find it difficult to grasp the concepts of decentralization and peer to peer systems. The fact that a centralized system is also efficient in information processing continues to complicate the issue.

Nonetheless, the development of decentralized systems is of great importance given its points of failure. However, Korea University IT professor Kim Hyun Jong believes that distribution is also important. Even if a technology uses advanced technology, if it does not sell, there will not be a good use of it. If a project is less complicated and ends up being sold, then it should enjoy a mass adoption in the long run, which is the key to growth.

Shatner is not the only Ethereum defender

Shatner is not the only high-profile personality to strengthen support for the Ethereum project. Even Google CEO Eric Schmidt remains optimistic about Ethereum's credentials and prospects.

Putting it as a global supercomputer, Schmidt remains optimistic that Ethereum becomes extremely powerful. Ethereum understanding how achieving global synchronization is something that could do a lot to strengthen its perspectives.

Increased adoption is crucial to the success of Ethereum and other blockchain projects. Likewise, the approval of high-profile public figures should continue to validate technology, also triggering mass adoption. Approval by artists like Schmidt and Shatner should also do a lot to increase awareness of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have struggled to become mainstream in part because of slow adoption. Strict regulations around the world have also triggered the icy feet between people who would exploit the technology. However, growing concerns and a lack of trust in centralized systems seem to start accelerating mass adoption.

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