Capricorn, horoscope on monday 16 november 2020 | Capricorn Horoscopes


Capricorn, it is a good time to leave the confusion away from you, it is a day when no one or nothing would stop you from being in the best time of the day. Today you go to the Moon which, in its best regency, would make you feel that you have every right to meet those you love.

Despite everything, people judge and think that you are against them, so don’t get angry, let everything flow as it is correct and then things will go as they should. Today is a time when you don’t have to feel far from everything and everyone. Only by those who represent you distrust. It’s best to have the Sagittarius rule in your favor.

Forecast for the day: Go to a good specialist who will help you make sure everything is improving for you, if you need to go to psychological therapy, let everything settle in the best way so you can find the peace you need. Sagittarius may be in regency and with it the opportunity to change what is needed to make you feel at peace.


Love doesn’t change, people change, and with it you have or don’t have opportunities to feel better. Let everything be much kinder to you, so that the trine between the Sun and Neptune, takes away the bad energies between what you think or feel. Surely you could be available to love and with it a new partner would come.

Don’t let bad energy fall from what you have done to find health in yourself. Today is one of the best days you have a chance to move on and you would no doubt let everything arise in peace so that you can regain the health you need in a good diet.

Money can come in the best way possible, but not in a way that owes you debt, so as long as you have a job, you will let it all work in your favor again. It is a good time for you to have the energy of the four at your fingertips in your favor and with it various opportunities to feel that everything turns into prosperity for you. Leave a rosemary plant at the entrance to ward off the bad vibes of the day.


The culmination of a work phase that could have been heavy, but wouldn’t make you feel bad, it’s time to take what’s due so that things make better sense and that no one gets in the way of what you want and what you do not do. It is a good day for the Moon to have dominion and with it you are in the best time of your day.

Torque forecast for today Monday
If you are in couple: They have a new opportunity as a couple, don’t miss it.
If you are single: It’s a good time for you to do whatever it takes to find love.
Sexual energy level: moderate.

Love: Aries or air signs.
Friendship: Leo or fire signs.
Hard and tiring work: Capricorn or earth signs.
Tolerance level: moderate.
Who you might get in tension with: you’d be better off, away from a Scorpio.

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