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Cancellation to the opposition leader: he can no longer regulate the hard Brexit

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<p class=On Monday Theresa May has to present a new plan to leave the EU.

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British Prime Minister May speaks with opposition to get out of the Brexit impasse. The prospects of a Brexit without chaos are getting worse. A Brexit without a contract can no longer wish to exclude.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected the request for a tough Brexit of opposition Jeremy Corbyn without an agreement with the EU. It was "impossible" to exclude such a scenario without interrupting the entire exit process, May responded to a letter from Labor chief Corbyn. Thus, he rejected his precondition for the talks on a compromise on Brexit.

May has to present a new plan to leave the EU in the House of Commons on Monday, after his first incident crashed on Tuesday. The head of the conservative government met with representatives of several opposition parties after a vote of no confidence in the lower house on Wednesday evening. Green MEP Caroline Lucas then wrote on Twitter, May is not interested in a compromise.

Corbyn also invited in May to "abandon the red lines and make serious suggestions for the future". He warned the prime minister "to blackmail European parliamentarians with a second attempt to foil their mess". May's "red lines" include a willingness to leave the EU Customs Union and restrict the free movement of EU citizens. He told Corbyn to talk to her "without preconditions".

"Working constructively together"

The Labor leader does not rule out the request for another vote of no confidence against May. The goal of Corbyn is new elections. In the Labor party, many invoke a second referendum, which can also be rejected. If the Parliament can not agree on Brexit, it threatens on March 29 an exit that is not regulated by the EU.

"After the MEPs have clarified what they do not want, we must all work together constructively to find out what Parliament wants," May said Wednesday night after a first meeting with opposition representatives. "It is time to put aside personal interest." May met, among others, representatives of the Greens, pro-European liberal liberals, the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Welsh party Plaid Cymru. According to media reports, Labor leader Corbyn has also charged other party members not to talk to May or their representatives.

The same month, May indicated that it would be desirable to postpone the exit of the EU on March 29th. Brussels would agree if it was clear "that there is a plan for an agreement". However, a spokesperson for Mays said Thursday that a postponement has not yet been officially discussed, "because we do not want it".

Germany is getting ready for the messy Brexit

In view of the unresolved Brexit threat, the European Commission is already completing emergency preparations with Member States. "We take the possibility of a no-deal-Brexit very seriously and leave nothing to chance," a Commission spokesman said. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also made it clear that the federal government was preparing intensely for a disorderly Brexit. The French government has also launched a plan Thursday for the case of a tough Brexit. The Paris parliament approved a law. The Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said in the Bayern 2 radio station: "We have to look nothing special in the eye". The EU must now wait for what May proposes on Monday.

Because of her search for a way out of the Brexit stalemate, May canceled her participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos. A government spokeswoman said that other members of the government will go to Switzerland. The World Economic Forum starts on Monday.

Organizing a second Brexit referendum would take more than a year, according to government information. This is clear from an official government document that May showed to parliamentarians on Wednesday, he said last Thursday in the May office. Previously, a government spokeswoman said that a one page document had been presented at the meeting. This was the pattern of a possible exchange on Brexit, including the statement that there would not be a second UK exit referendum from the EU.

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