Canaan unveils the world's first TV of coin mining

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Canaan unveils the world's first mining TV in the world

Chinese bitcoin mining production Canaan Creative has launched what it claims to be the first television in the world with embedded bitcoin chip. The tendency of passive extraction is slowly catching on, with household appliances now being used to extract cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto Mining Diversification

The TV set of bitcoins of Canaan Creative is nicknamed AvalonMiner Inside. The Avalon TV features 16nm AS32 A3210 chips, which produce 2.8 terahashes per second of mining power.

By comparison, ASIC's bitcoin flagship, the AvalonMiner 821, has a hash rate of 11 TH / s. Other professional cryptographic miners on the market, such as Antminer S9 and DragonMint 16T, have a processing power of up to 16 TH / s.

The 43-inch Avalon TV features artificial intelligence and is also sensitive to voice commands. An added feature is the Live Profitability Calculator, which gives users the ability to calculate the processes from real-time extraction.

In April, citing growing competition in the mining sector, Canaan mentioned plans to diversify its portfolio by introducing "coins". TV mining "and other household appliances that can extract cryptocurrencies when they are not in use.

For the company:

" If we can not maintain the scale and profitability of our system product line and, at the At the same time, offering new products, our ability to continue to grow will be affected. "

My bitcoin while you sleep with Avalon TV Miner

Bitcoin powerhouse producer earned $ 205 million after selling over 300,000 mining equipment units for the last reporting period, according to documents deposited at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange The largest markets in Canaan are China, the United States and Sweden

In May, Canaan Creative presented itself in Hong Kong, with the intention of raise $ 1 billion Initially, the crypto miners' producer planned to launch the IPO on the continent, they chose to list in Hong Kong due to fears of hostility by the Chinese government towards the industry

 Canaan Hong Kong

The mining sector is evolving

The sector is evolving rapidly, bringing mining to everyone, with household appliances increasingly doubling as cryptocurrent miners. Encryption chips in home appliances can make use of the excess heat released from the chips.

According to reports, the Chinese electrical equipment manufacturer Midea Group has filed a patent for a technique that allows home appliances to extract bitcoins. The company planned to install mining chips in equipment such as TVs and air conditioners. At the start of this year, French startup Qarnot launched an encrypted heater called QC1.

Is the passive crypt mining a sustainable trend? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Pictures via Pixabay

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