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Can a new app pump the value of Litecoin?

Litecoin has constantly lost value. But does Toshi's decision to take it on board finally lead to its price increase?

Litecoin, currently the sixth largest cryptocurrency on the market, has lost almost 50% of its value in the last 6 months. In December 2017 it was trading at $ 255.42, today its value dropped to $ 131.26, while its market capitalization was $ 7.427.485.910.

However, a recent tweet by Charlie Lee, The creator of Litecoin, has created a tenuous hope for the future of LTC:

Toshi, who was described by Cryptorecorder as "a blend of various features and key features during the preview, included a private and secure messaging app, a user-controlled Ethereum portfolio and a browser for the Ethereum apps ", is said to be a simple and powerful portfolio. The app is constantly growing and in February announced that "now it supports ERC20 token and ERC721 collectible".

He also recently added that "one of the most requested features, however, is support for other popular cryptocurrencies", and therefore "is working to add support for other cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin – for Toshi!"

The official release date has yet to be confirmed.

The news of Toshi working on the addition of Litecoin has received mixed reviews with an LTC trader Asad Ahmed tweeting: "All these great news but low prices, OK, it's time to take more LTCs."

At the same time, CryptoGuru said: "More and more people, including Charlie, have to show the effective use of Litecoin in everyday use".

Responding to the question of whether to buy more Litecoin now, CryptoGazette noted that it is worth mentioning that only a year ago was traded at $ 25 and therefore its price has increased significantly.

CryptoGazette also added: "Litecoin would soon support free transfers via Abra, boast compatibility with Blocknet and is now listed on Gemini (open for trading on May 22) .Most news that should be more emphasized rather than the value of falling money – in fact, it's an opportunity to buy cheap. "

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