Calling Tops and Bottoms: The Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts of 2020


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is quite popular these days. With rising prices and volatility in 2020, cryptocurrency traders have made and lost a lot of money. In recent years, numerous digital currency enthusiasts have been drawn to professional traders and analysts who regularly post technical analysis (TA) online. Crypto asset trading has exploded this year and there is a large number of sophisticated traders sharing secrets, as well as short and long term market prospects.

Digital currency traders can make a lot of money by calling highs and lows by leveraging technical insights and analysis (TA). For example, if a trader had played their positions correctly, they could have gained a lot of time (358%) from the drop in mid-March (Black Thursday) to this week’s high of 2020 at $ 16,495. This weekend the price of BTC dropped a bit and the crypto asset is currently trading at prices between $ 15,850 and $ 15,950 per unit.

This year, cryptocurrency fans have followed a number of cryptocurrency traders and analysts on social media platforms like Twitter and charting websites like Tradingview. The following post is a compilation of today’s most popular cryptocurrency traders, in no particular order, but they have amassed a huge following of their digital currency trading tips this year.

Calling Tops and Bottoms: The Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts of 2020

Tradingview – Crypto Traders & Analysts

The Tradingview website is a web portal that displays real-time quotes for stock, futures, forex and cryptocurrency markets. The website is one of the most popular technical analysis and charting sites for cryptocurrency traders, and the portal also offers a social network of traders. As you browse the BTC / USD market section on Tradingview, you will see the top traders sharing insights over the past few days and all-time stats. On Saturday November 14, 2020, the best BTC / USD traders on Tradingview include six people sharing insights into bitcoin’s market movements.

The top trader on Tradingview is an individual called “Botje11” who runs his own public Telegram group and writes frequent updates on the BTC / USD markets. Botje11, a trader from the Netherlands who joined the website three years ago, has shared 939 ideas to date. Furthermore, Botje11 has a lot of reputation points and also has 35,393 followers on Tradingview. The latest BTC / USD market perspective that Botje11 shared was on September 14 called the “Bitcoin consolidation phase”.

Calling Tops and Bottoms: The Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts of 2020

Behind trader Botje11 is “Magicpoopcannon”, an American based cryptocurrency trader who also shares trading ideas on the BTC / USD markets. Magicpoopcannon (MPC) also joined three years ago and has 73,569 followers on the Tradingview site. The trader calls himself “Crypto Pop Legend” and “Master of Charts” and the trader also has 30,000 followers also on Twitter. The latest BTC / USD insight shared by MPC was called “Here’s How and Why BTC Could Reach 80,000-90,000 by Mid-2021”, released on November 4th.

Goldbug1 is the third most popular trader on Tradingview today and the analyst has around 38,003 followers on the platform today. Over the past three years, Goldbug1 has shared 352 Tradingview insights to date. The latest BTC / USD charts published by Goldbug1 showed that he is long on bitcoin and his last TA was on November 11, 2020. The post titled “BTC – Can You Fold a Winning Hand? Risk management “explains that bitcoin has consolidated, but to Goldbug1, he believes” this is an area in which to take a small profit from lower levels, not to add more risk “.

Following the top three traders on Tradingview (TV) according to all-time statistics, trader Alanmasters, Excavo and Tradingshot follow. Alanmasters has 89,657 TV followers and posted 3,784 public ideas. Trader Excavo has 98,891 TV followers and has publicly shared 1,647 ideas on the platform. Over the past two years, the sixth most popular BTC / USD analyst on TV is Tradingshot, a trader who posted 1,051 ideas to his 19,469 TV followers.

Twitter – Cryptocurrency traders and analysts

The trader list collected by Twitter is a more random list and also a tabulated count of social media followers. Unlike the aforementioned Tradingview traders, Twitter traders and analysts are not listed in any particular order.

Cryptoyoda (@ Cryptoyoda1338) is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, technical analyst and writer who doesn’t take the easy way out. Supporters of the digital currency can follow Cryptoyoda on Twitter but also on and Cryptoyoda’s profile says it hails from Dagobah and joined 2017. The account regularly shares digital currency charts and trading insights and has over 207,000 Twitter followers.

Nick Core (@Crypto_core) is another popular bitcoin trader who regularly shares trading ideas on Twitter with his 35,500 Twitter followers. Core’s analysis can be regularly viewed on the website and its market watch is for members only. The trader is also featured on Youtube, Twitch and Tradingview.

Calling Tops and Bottoms: The Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts of 2020
Top to bottom and left to right: Cryptoyoda, Nick Core, Peter Brandt, Mr. Jozza, ฿ TF% $ D! And The Crypto Dog.

Veteran and experienced trader Peter Brandt (@Peterlbrandt) trades futures and has been an FX trader since 1975. Brandt is very popular on social media and has amassed a whopping 379,800 Twitter followers to date. The veteran trader shares insights on a range of assets, including his thoughts on BTC / USD. Brandt is an author and editor of the Factor Report and the analyst joined Twitter in 2011. The last encrypted tweet Brandt sent was on November 6, when he tweeted about BTC paired with XRP.

Another popular trader on Twitter is Mr. Jozza (@Mrjozza) who frequently tweets about BTC / USD and some other coin markets to his 15,900 Twitter followers. Mr. Jozza joined Twitter in 2015 but has been launching bitcoin since 2013. The trader tweeted on the BTC / USD stock on October 24, when he stated that “the bitcoin breakout is on a fairly weak volume so far”.

There is also the crypto advocate known as ฿ TF% $ D! (@Cryptohustle), who considers himself a “semi-retired cryptocurrency trader”. The trader runs the website has a Youtube channel and regularly discusses the BTC / USD markets. He also has 114,400 followers on Twitter and the trader talked about “altcoin season“After” BTC finished stealing the show “on November 5th.

The Crypto Dog (@Thecryptodog) defines himself as a PhD dropout, a “cryptocurrency trading dog” and a bitcoin miner since 2011. The trader regularly discusses the bitcoin and digital currency markets and has accumulated 235,300 followers since joining Twitter in 2017. on social media. Most of the K9 outlook on the bitcoin markets can be found on Twitter, but Crypto Dog writes regularly on Medium as well.

Calling Tops and Bottoms: The Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts of 2020
Top to bottom and left to right: Crypto Bitlord, Willy Woo, Parabolictrav and Donalt.

Another crypto trading expert on Twitter is Crypto Bitlord (@Crypto_Bitlord) an individual based in Australia who often shares ideas about bitcoin markets. Crypto Bitlord joined Twitter in 2012 and has 130,600 social media followers on the platform. On November 14, 2020, Crypto Bitlord launched a survey asking what bitcoin price would be next from the two choices $ 13k or $ 18k. At the time of publication, the tweet had 2,350 votes and 48.6% chose $ 18k while 36.7% chose the lowest price.

Willy Woo (@Woonomic) is a popular crypto analyst with 157,600 Twitter followers to date. Woo sees himself as a pioneer of onchain analysis and “the art of extracting investment signals from the Bitcoin blockchain”. Woo’s charts can be viewed at and its forecasts can be viewed at The crypto analyst joined Twitter in 2008 and frequently tweets about the BTC / USD markets and onchain data.

A well known trader in the crypto universe of Twitter is trader Parabolictrav (@Parabolictrav). The individual is another person who regularly discusses crypto markets and calls himself a “bitcoin slave”. Parabolictrav has around 65,800 followers on the social media platform and is always tweeting about BTC. The last time Parabolictrav shared his insights into the BTC / USD market date back to 11 November.

The individual named Donalt (@Cryptodonalt) is a digital currency trader and analyst who is frequently mentioned in numerous cryptocurrency publications. Donalt joined Twitter in 2017 and has since accumulated 160,800 followers on the platform. The trader regularly discusses insights into the BTC / USD market and its latest intuition it was November 13, 2020.

Technical analysis or extraction of numbers out of thin air

There are many other traders and analysts who regularly discuss bitcoin and have shared their prognosis on the cryptocurrency market to tens and hundreds of thousands of followers. Some of the aforementioned bitcoin traders talk about the long-term game, but most of them talk about the short-term cycles and swings more regularly.

The projections that many of these traders launch are based on sophisticated technical analysis, charts, signals, indicators and theories. Many times people take cryptocurrency traders, researchers and expert analysts more seriously than Wall Street executives, venture capitalists and traditional financiers who come up with numbers out of thin air. However, there are many skeptics who believe that technical analysis (TA) is no different from pulling numbers out of thin air or exploiting tarot cards.

What do you think of the most popular cryptocurrency traders in 2020? Are there any traders you like that you think we have left out? Let us know what you think of these cryptocurrency traders and analysts in the comment section below.

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