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Calendar 2019 of taxes on goods and vehicles – Sectors – Economy

Taxes, like the economic obligation that taxpayers can not evade, already have an established form, after issuing a Dian decree indicating the road map to pay them. Even cities have their dates ready for the contribution of vehicle and property taxes. Financial planning depends on the availability of resources to avoid incurring delays that will increase costs due to penalties.

Moreover, in the case of local obligations, such as property taxes and vehicle taxes, which must be part of their sums, there are discounts for prepayment.
Participating in the dates will save you a lot of money, because discounts reductions are up to 10%. On the contrary, penalties to forget the terms will make the tax burden more burdensome.


In accordance with the temporary measure adopted by the mayor's office, tax payers will have a 10% discount for the timely payment until January 31 and in the following month there will be a 5% reduction for those who fulfill the # 39; obligation.

Regarding the payment of the vehicle tax, levied by the government, a 15% discount will be made for immediate payment, according to the following dates
: plates finished in 1 and 2, until 5 March; 3 and 4 until 19 of the same month; 5 and 6 until April 2; 7 and 8 until 23 and, finally, the dishes ending in 9 and 0 will have time until May 7th.

From May 8 to June 25, tax payers on the vehicle in Santander must pay the full fare and from the following day begins the fine, the minimum amount of which is $ 171,000.


Taxpayers of Cali's property have until April 30th to pay at a 15% discount, said municipal treasury director Patricia Hernandez.

Those who do it before June 28 will have a 5% advantage. After this date and until the end of the year there is no discount, but no late payment interest is paid.
This year Cali will have a cadastral update.

María Victoria Machado, director of the Treasury and Finance Department of the Valley, said she expects a collection of about 125,000 million pesos in the car tax calendar. He explained that the plates from 000 to 333 have time until April 29; the slabs range from 334 to 666 until May 30 and those ranging from 667 to 999 until June 28th.

Motorcycles over 125 cubic centimeters have until June 28 to pay. The most important thing is that this year we will have a very strong work on the tax on motorcycles, so they do not leave everything for the last one.


For Antioquenos, the established deadline, until March 22nd, will allow the payment of the vehicle tax with a 10% discount for immediate payment. After this date and until July 20th, you will be able to respect the obligation with full fare. After that date there will be penalties with interest.

Regarding ownership, the payment was organized in 4 quarters as follows:
Quarter 1: from 12 February to 1 March, according to the municipality, and with expiry date, without supplement, on 27 March.

Fourth 2: from 6 to 21 May, expiring without a surcharge on 26 June.
Fourth quarter: from 31st July to 20th August. No additional cost, September 26th.
Fourth quarter: from October 30th to November 21st, payment without supplement before December 26th.


More than 284,000 invoices have been issued by the District Treasury Department for taxpayers of residential and non-residential properties to receive 20% and 10% off tax payments respectively.

"The incentives are for those taxpayers who are up to date and who will benefit from a 20 percent discount for residential properties until February 28th
and 10% for non-residential, "said William Valderrama Hoyos, Secretary of the Treasury.

For those Cartagena that do not come to pay on these dates there will be discounts up to 5 April 10 percent for residential properties and 5 percent for non-residential.

According to the Treasury, there are more than 7,900 new properties that have entered the city's cadastral base and have to start paying taxes.

In Cartagena there are 446,890 million pesos in billing for collection for 2019 in the area of ​​house taxes.

Compared to 2018, growth for 2019 is 18.194 million pesos, more than in the previous year, the hacienda reported.


According to the tax calendar of the Atlantic Governorate for 2019, the dates for the collection of taxes on the vehicle are between January 2 and July 8, after which a fine of 343,000 pesos will be applied.

Until November 2018, the government raised 53,500 million for this concept, a growth of 6% compared to 2017. On the sides of the office of the Mayor of Barranquilla, Those who pay the entire property tax by March 29 will be entitled to a 10% discount. With a 5% discount, those who will pay until May 31 and without incentives will benefit on June 30th of this year.

The mayor's office has informed that taxpayers who authorize their bank to automatically pay the property tax from their checking or savings accounts will get a 2% discount, which must be made monthly for the entire period. year.


During 2019, citizens of Bogota must be prepared to comply with the tax liability of the property tax, which can be done until April 5 with a 10 percent discount, as provided by the Ministry of Finance.

The people who pay the property for the installments (4 in total) will have to present the virtual declaration until March 29, so that they can start paying the first installment on May 10th.
From 21 June the payment of the property, for those who have not taken advantage of the discount or presented the declaration in installments, will be made without discount. With the vehicle tax, the key dates are May 3, for payment of the 10% discount and June 28 (no discount).

National taxes

Income: one of the obligations that most worries the Colombians is the income tax. Individuals with less than 3.8 million pesos of monthly income must declare, but not all will have to pay (see conditions in the chart). If you are one of these, you must be aware that the last 2019 deadlines will be between August 6 and October 17, according to the last two digits of the card.

For large taxpayers, the Dian has set 3 installments: the first expires between the 8th and 21st February; the second between April 9th ​​and 25th and the third, the 11th and 25th June.

Another crucial date for citizens is when they need to submit documentation to lower the basis of withholding tax, that is, money that is deducted monthly from their income and then added to the amount of those who have to pay the taxes. income taxes. Although the last deadline has not yet been established, it is usually until the second week of April.


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