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CableLabs identifies Blockchain security threats

After declaring Cable's entry into last year's blockchain, the consortium stands out for all the ways technology can be compromised

Eight months after declaring that the cable had entered boldly in what many consider "the most significant technological innovation since the dawn of the Internet", CableLabs has published a list of all the ways in which blockchain security can be compromised.

According to Brian Scriber, chief security architect for the cable industry consortium, CableLabs' Security Technologies team monitored attacks on blockchain networks and various compromises for several years. Key risk groups and security considerations in blockchain projects were identified, some of which Scriber listed in the org last blog post.

These include:

> Smart Contract Injection – No, it's not as sexy as it sounds. "The intelligent contract engine is an interpreter for a programming language (sometimes new) and a data analyzer related to the decisions that the engine must take," explained Scriber. "The danger in this situation is when the executable code appears inside of smart contracts in an attempt to subvert the language or data of the contract Implementers must consider the possibility to disinfect input for smart contracts, correct analysis and error handling . "

> Replay attacks – "Not only is there a threat in the processing and validation of transactions, but also in the behavior of the nodes, in the authentication and in the protection of confidential messages", wrote Scriber. "The addition of nonce for verification over previous transactions is crucial."

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