BVB: Is Erling Haaland the most embarrassing interview of all time? Colleagues go crazy


Borussia Dortmund celebrated 3-0 at Club Brugge thanks to a brace from Erling Haaland. An interview with the BVB star then caused a stir.

  • When the deserved victory of the BVB in Champions League to the Club Bruges war Erling Haaland the winner of the match
  • The BVB-Star scored a brace in the 3-0 win
  • To follow the game had to be Haaland but strange questions in one Interview to bear

Update from November 9, 9:22 pm: The BVB-Star interview Erling Haaland it made big waves medially. Now the next celebrity has caused a stir after being interviewed by a reporter. Thomas Tuchel freaked out after the PSG match over the weekend and severely insulted a reporter.

BVB: Is Erling Haaland the most embarrassing interview of all time? Colleagues in the studio are freaking out

First report from 5 November: Monaco / Bruges – For Borussia Dortmund it was certainly not a drawback that the lot in Champions League Wednesday night against Club Bruges it was already decided after half an hour. Thorgan Hazard had the BVB took the lead in the 14th minute, Erling Haaland with a double pack (18th, 32nd) and the game was decided in advance.

The team of Lucien Favre he managed to keep his strength in the second heat. After all, the most important match against him is Saturday FC Bayern to. Matchwinner’s working day too Haaland ended prematurely after 84 minutes because the BVB manager removed his top scorer from the field (10 games, 10 shots).

However, the Norwegian did not have the end of the day but had to come to an agreement after the match Journalistenfragen to put. So also a Belgian Reporter from the US broadcaster CBS-Sports. But this Interview after rather grotesque sections …

BVB: Erling Haaland receives embarrassing question from reporter: colleagues in the studio are freaking out

CBS-Reporter: “Your hair is fine. But you didn’t even have to use your head because you both scored foot hits. “

Haaland (looks puzzled): “Today’s victory was important, we are happy with the three points”.

So far so unspectacular. However, the Belgian colleague did not give up and tried to create an informal atmosphere for discussion by asking apparently “interesting” questions.

CBS-Reporter: “Belgian teams seem suitable for you, it was your sixth goal against a Belgian team …”

Haaland (smiles painfully): “Yes, he is going very well against the Belgian teams.”

BVB star Erling Haaland is the most embarrassing interview of all time

Then the reporter lay down Haaland rightfully to ask her question, which has probably been on her lips for minutes.

CBS-Reporter: “Will you sleep alone tonight?”

Haaland (looks questioningly): “Er, yes. I will.”

CBS-Reporter: “So you don’t take a girl home with you and do the hat-trick perfectly?”

Haaland (embarrassed): “No, not a hat-trick.”

Then left Haaland the mixed zone immediately, while the television image returned to the studio, where the CBS colleagues clapping his hands above his head and laughing at the reporter. “Jesus Christ”, a moderator was heard shouting in the studio: “What just happened?”

When the colleagues had all recovered, the shocked presenter asked Kate Abdo At the end of the day, he rightly stated: “This was one of the craziest interviews we’ve ever seen since the Champions League” and obviously asks wryly: “Does anyone want to hear it a second time ..?” (smk)

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