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Buy, Sell, and Exchange Cryptocurrency token exchange


Coinzark it is a cryptographic exchange that allows users to easily buy, sell and exchange different cryptocurrencies. The platform offers various levels of accounts including the ability to use the platform swap service without the need for an account or any form of Know Your Customer (KYC). Essentially, Coinzark offers the easiest way to exchange between virtual currencies without the required account.

This means that users can exchange between cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Vertcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Dash, ZCoin and more. The UK-based company began building its platform in late 2017, initially traded as Vertpig, an exchange platform that focused on the Vertcoin cryptocurrency. The platform has therefore decided to expand its services to other currencies. Eventually he acquired his current name: Coinzark.

Is Coinzark safe?

Coinzark is a non-custodial exchange. As soon as they receive deposits from customers, they immediately exchange and send them back to customers. This means that customers are always the keepers of their coins. The company does not store them on any third-party service.

Coinzark Swap

Coinzark swap is an instant exchange service that allows users to switch from one digital asset to another. The service does not require users to have an account and can exchange between all the currencies currently available on the Coinzark platform.

Just enter the amount you wish to exchange, fill in the required addresses, send the coins to the address provided and wait while the system exchanges the coins. Some users may request information on the process of calculating exchange rates.

Well, the company uses cash from various other exchanges, which combine to provide its customers with the best rates. In addition, their rates are always active and they only charge a small fee, which is included in the displayed exchange rate.

The rates displayed on Coinzark are not guaranteed, as the platform always pays the best available rate at the time of exchange. Because the rates fluctuate so quickly, as soon as the deposit is confirmed, the system exchanges the coins at the best available rate. There is also a small fee of 0.3%.

Swap limits

It is important to note that Coinzark limits the size of each swap and these limits are displayed to customers when starting a swap. The limits exist to ensure that the platform provides the most accurate exchange rates.

The system does not limit the number of exchanges that a user can perform or has running at the same time.

Benefits of the platform

No account required: exchange between cryptocurrency anonymously, with high limits, excellent exchange rates and no position restrictions.

Simple account: users only need to register with a simple email address to access the automatic exchange function (available soon) and keep track of all their trading histories.

Verified account: users can be verified using the simple process of verification of the identity of the platform for the possibility of buying and selling all the currencies listed on the platform.

Overall, most customers praised the Coinzark platform excellent, works exactly as it should, with a simple user interface and a nice UX. The entire coin swap process takes only about five minutes. In addition, the rates are exceptional and users can see exactly what is happening and how long it takes.

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