Burger King asks customers to eat at McDonald’s



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The Burger King fast food restaurant network in Mexico has asked its customers to buy from its main rival, McDonald’s, as a show of solidarity and support in times of crisis caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

In its message on social networks, the company also encouraged its customers to order food at other restaurants such as Domino’s, KFC, The Caliph, La Casa de Toño, Little Caesars and Sushi Itto, adding that they never thought they would have to order it.

“We never thought we’d ask you to do that, but the restaurants they employ thousands of people really need your support right now, “says the message, referring to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Chamber of Restaurants and Spicy Food Industry of Mexico (Canirac), in turn, valued him 1 in 4 restaurants may close its doors permanently due to the crisis, according to Forbes.


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