Bullish XRP as Ripple Company produces Strides

  • Ripple Price included by December 28 low high
  • We expect breakouts above 40 cents to be strong
  • The company's progress is solid

At spot rates, Ripple (XRP) goes against the USD and increases by 0.4 percent at the time of printing. These gains are modest, but as long as XRP exceeds 30 cents, price rallies of 80 cents are in the cards.

Price analysis of undulations


On the last day, XRP increased by 0.4 percent and moved horizontally in a range of 6 cents. Due to the current increases and accumulations of September 2018, we expect strong breakouts of over 40 cents.

Also with this, we recommend the patience that invites investors and conservative investors not to charge at these discount prices until there are strong increases in volumes that force prices above the Fibonacci retracement of 201.8 for 2018. Only then should they fall on each decline in shorter periods of time as the favorable fundamentals favor the digital asset.


A report by Mckinsey estimates that by 2020 the global payment will be $ 2 trillion in business above $ 5 trillion in five years. It is for this reason that XRP supporters are enthusiastic, optimistic about the progress made by Ripple and how XRP is proving to be – a store of value in times of extreme market conditions as at the end of 2018.

Still, Ripple has a long way to go before playing the trumpets. In a space dominated by banks armored by years of activity and distinct competitive advantages because of their physical positions, Ripple must increase its market by forcing the defection of any of the 10,000 banks connected to a system created out of necessity 40 years ago.

At present, official data place partner banks at 200 with only a handful that uses XRP to meet their liquidity demands. However, the crypt as a whole is an emerging concept, and in the years to come, the advantages of this fast network will eventually radiate.

Candlestick arrangement


As already mentioned, it is only a matter of time before volatility resumes. While patience is encouraged, aggressive traders can buy at spot prices. The first targets will be 60 cents and after 80 cents. Because of the price depreciation of the last two months, 80 cents are quite ambitious. However, it is not unlikely that the bulls of September 2018 have retested those levels. Unless our XRP / USD trading conditions are met, most traders should keep arms aside and wait for clean breaks of more than 40 cents.

Technical indicators

Trade volumes are light and a varied market reflects this lack of participation. We recommend patience. Any push towards higher than 40-42 cents pushed by high volumes above the recent averages of 24 million or 123 million continuation of the signal trend that meet our commercial conditions.

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