Bulimia … the story of a mysterious disease that has plagued Princess Diana and hid it from everyone


Princess Diana was secretly fighting her diseases that only a few knew on the fingers of one hand, and among her secret diseases was “bulimia”, which continued to suffer from it until she died.

“Diana” was trying to get rid of “bulimia”, an eating disorder, which consists of eating excessively large amounts of food and then throwing up, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”.

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, said the princess had never won her battle against bulimia, as Paul lifted the lid from Diana’s battle, saying, “She can’t really get over her unhealthy habits.” .

Although he previously claimed to have overcome an eating disorder, Paul revealed that mental illness took over Diana, and Paul believes he stayed with her until the day she died in 1997.

A family acquaintance confessed: “She did not get rid of bulimia until the last week of her life. She still suffered from it. She never defeated it because she was in control of her.” For her children, that’s what made her afraid to reveal her illness so as not to be placed in institutions and lose her children.

Diana revealed that she had overcome her illness during the infamous Panorama interview with Martin Bashir in 1995.


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